Monday, November 15, 2010

I love the train

My house is by train tracks and its like 10 minutes from the station. So there are a lot of Amtrak trains. I just noticed, whenever a train goes by, I'm able to connect to the 2 onboard wifi routers and if anyone has their iphone/droid tethered I can connect to those to. But only for the 30 seconds it takes for it to go by ^_^

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  1. Somehow I can sense potential mirth here, something along the lines of what bulk message can you get out to all those phones that would be funny, "passengers are asked to disembark at the next station, where a replacement service is provided on Platform 4....."

    It reminds me of my late teen years, back in the days of analogue mobiles (cells). Back then you could listen into at least one half of the call with nothing more than a £30 radioshack airplane scanner radio. The laughs we had listening in to romantic calls, whilst having a few beers, with one of us acting-out the other side of the convo. Pretty tame by the standards of the idiocy which the internets provides nowadays for entertainment, but I can remember laughing til my sides ached at the stupid, personal things people would say, particularly when they knew anyone could be listening in.