Friday, November 19, 2010

God damnit.

There's this dude from the forum who is really starting to piss me off because he's stupid. No, it's no one I've argued with or made fun of and no it's not a troll. It's just this guy who is like...possibly mentally handicapped. And the main reason I'm pissed off is cuse I don't feel right going JESUS CHRIST YOU ARE DUMB because he isn't trying to be malicious or trolly or hateful, he's just not very bright. Which is probably no fault of his own. It just bugs me to death. It would be easier if he was like Wasted and was trying to be hateful/malicious because then I wouldn't feel bad at all ripping him a new one...but he's just a dude...who isn't bright.


  1. Cheer yourself up by ordering one of these

  2. Well, I of course would love to know "who?!!!" because I am small and petty like that. I haven't been following closely enough on the Forums to have spotted him on my own...partially because there are so many to choose from? /me hands you an honorary membership card to those of us who "Do Not Suffer Fools Gladly (and have no idea why anyone would want to)"

    Yes, it is very difficult not to yell STFU! and GAWD, do you know how stupid you are? If that was really a reply one could get away with it would be so nice just to have in cut & paste.

    BTW, haven't forgot my silly project we discussed just really busy in RL trying to get something pesky...a job.

  3. I don't even think that dude posts any more. He's a bit new to the forums...more than 10 posts but less than 500. One of the dudes who participated in the "LL is racist against Spanish wah" threads.
    He hasn't posted anything retarded or trolly per se, just most of his posts have been to the left of the bell curve IQ wise.