Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can't decide on a skin.

Laqroki released 2 pale skins I thought were cool.
I like the shading on the Elena one more than the Mima, but the model pic for the Mima one looks like an asshole. Eyes are too small on there. But I like the lips more.
This is me doing them:

See. The lips on the Mima are so awesome. But the shading is so blah. And the shading on the Elana is so cool. But the lips are just....bad. Which one should I get? Or fuck it?


    Changed the lip shape for the Elena skin.

  2. Neither?! I loved Mima in the pic but demo'd and was disappointed. Too much grey.

  3. Really? I loathed the model pic but think it look really good on me. Just don't like how it's shaded. And it's not grey at all. Your monitor is probably calibrated a bit cooler