Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Linden Lab

Hi. If I'm linking you to this, it is because you were under the impression LL reads the forums. They do not. We don't even have human moderators, just an automated program. LL will not hear your complaint or grievance, and you will not achieve some sort of uprising or revolt. If you have been seriously wronged, call a lawyer. If you're poor, there are nonprofit ones out there. Otherwise, just take another hit and say "meh" because your post is going unheard.


  1. Aye, to quote Marcellus, "something is rotten in the state of Denmark".

    Sashimi, anyone?

  2. In other words, get the fuck over it and go shout your head off somewhere outdoors where people have ears.
    And what I mean is go run out into the middle of the street right now or somewhere where there's a lot of people, like a mall or something, and just start screaming at random people, y'know get right up in their faces and unleash the crazy shit.
    Go on, do it, it'll be funny.