Tuesday, May 4, 2010

From SLX to XSL to SLM

So, LL is going to change Xstreet to Second Life Marketplace. Seems somewhat redundant. What was the point of changing Second Life Exchange to Xstreet in the first place then? That being said, so far I don't mind. SLM seems like a decent idea.

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  1. I think the change from SLX to XStreet was Colossus/Apotheus' idea, probably to comply with LL's naming/trademark policy (no "SL" in non-LL URLs). That was before LL bought XStreet.

    I like SLM too. As easy to remember and type as SLX, but without this strange XXX ring to it that both XStreet and SLX / S_exchange had (the newbie mind had a tendency to filter the L out).