Saturday, May 29, 2010

Review: rora

I got IM'd and asked to do a fashion review and I said sure so here it is.

Okies I have three dresses. The first one: is Zoe in Hot Pink

Cute and flirty. Shading is a bit off and the skirt doesn't seem filled in enough. Very bright and very loud. A bit noobish, but not too terribly bad. rora Titanium, owner of the creatively named shop rora said she was just starting out and I think its pretty good for her level of experience. Her stuff is currently xstreet based and I'll post the link at the bottom. Moving on to: Leona in Snow White

I guess its a typical white leopard mini dress. I'm personally not a big fan of leopard print but some people like it. The dress itself is fairly well made. Not the best quality in the world but pretty good. The top showed up a bit blurry to me but it was just emerald glitching out again since a relog made the top look normal and then the bottom look blurry. Oh well. It shows your poon too so that may be a plus or a minus for some. Last but not least: Elisa in Teal

I love green dresses. This dress is cute. I really really don't like the lace but I've never been big on lace. Very elegant. Pretty well made. Not the best but like I said before, quite awesome for someone just starting out. I'm honestly pretty impressed.

Okay, take from that what you will. Don't conform to my opinion, but use my words to form your own.
rora on Xstreet:

Linden Prize

I don't care who wins just not sionChicken. It was a good idea yes, but it was poorly implemented and now blows. DOWN WITH CHICKUNZ

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

From SLX to XSL to SLM

So, LL is going to change Xstreet to Second Life Marketplace. Seems somewhat redundant. What was the point of changing Second Life Exchange to Xstreet in the first place then? That being said, so far I don't mind. SLM seems like a decent idea.