Sunday, May 8, 2011


So I've regained interest as well as I'm taking things in a new direction as things have changed quite a bit. Coming Soon - Wikiality

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Death threats!

So I know you guys are a bunch of psychotic welfare sucking lumps of useless, but for the love of little babby jevis, can people stop sending me death threats? I've seen the complaints about Kinect for SL on Facebook and if the general population thinks Kinect is a bad thing because it means they have to get off their ass, I doubt anyone is going to make the trek to beautiful Laguna Beach, California to kill me. I'm more confused about the timing. I got two today. Today as in like 2 months since I've even really been involved with SL in any matter.

Also, I find it amusing that Linden Lab thinks that the appropriate means for communication is the only medication prescribed for juvenile bipolar disorder. Says a lot, really.

If I get involved with SL again any time soon, Daria's Afterthoughts will go through a revamp/rebranding. It all depends on my mood.