Friday, December 3, 2010


So like, I signed up for okcupid like a year ago and like I don't actually sign in anymore unless someone sends me a message and I typically just send back "no" or "taken" and that's that. Every dude I send something like that to either doesn't reply or just says back "k" or "wanna get high" but this FUCKING CREEPO got persistant.


Dec. 1, 2010 – 8:46pm
So how is this site been working out for you thus far?
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62% Enemy 23% Friend 0% Match Message from Kennytime 

Me: no 
Him: huh? 
Me: not interested 
Him: Not Interested in what??? 
(This is where I get annoyed)
Me: speaking to you for an extended period of time
Him: Wow, what a prejudice bitch. Don't be mad because I was born with a dick and you weren't 
Me: nothing to do with that. I have a boyfriend right now and I'm not interested in friends who live outside of my area. your persistence is creepy. usually when I reply "no" to someone they get it and stop bothering me. At least I reply unlike most chicks. 
Him: Wow, your just way to stupid. 
Me: you're* too*
Spell check before you try to insult my intelligence, which is never a smart move because I appear to be quite a bit smarter than the typical female. Or person actually.
Listen, even if I was interested, which under any conceivable circumstances I never would be but hypothetically speaking, you live like fuckton far away from me and we have a 0% match and 62% enemy score. If we were to hang out, I'd just end up being annoyed or bored for whatever reason and then blogged about it. 
Him: Please, don't give me that grammar and spell check diversion to make it sound like your smarter then you really are. All the sentences you replayed back to me with don't any have upper case capitalization or ending punctuation for that matter. I can already tell by your pics that your some chick who probably has nothing better to do but to sit on here comp all day and "role play."

And by the way, when you say you're seeing some one you probably mean a chick right. Wow, you really think people take gay relationships seriously. Your just wasting your time. You need a man hun.

Now look if you don't want me replying to you then don't reply to me. I have better things to do then to talk with a chick who thinks the whole world goes according to her fiddle, and she can just bag on men because she feels she has obligation to just because she's the inferior sex.
(What kind of bigoted retard is this? His profile made him seem like a normal mexican dude from redlands.)

Me: Lol, I'm seeing a dude, like an man with a penis.
Why are you so bigoted and sexist? Seriously. Get fucked. I mean, I understand that "bitches be crazy" and all (bitches really do be crazy, why do you think I'm not dating one? hooking up, totally, but dating a woman? not enough weed in the world), but jesus christ. I bet you're one of those guys who think they're so great that the only reason a woman would ever reject you is because they're a fat hairy manhating bulldyke. I deal with a lot of those guys. Guess what? If I was single, and you did live in the area, you are not that attractive. At all. I mean, I'm sure there's some insecure chubby girl from Santa Ana who would totally get with you because you remind her of her father, but ego man ego. I'm bi and I look like a ballcrushing lesbian, I know. But that doesn't mean I'm a ballcrusher because I told you that I wasn't interested. Honestly, you are the first person who refused to understand what "no" meant. Usually dudes are just happy that I gave them a reply instead of uncertainty. And I do that because no reply just sucks and makes you feel bad and "no" is better than not knowing. 

And then I told stever and started blogging about it and reported it to the site. Not sure if I should block him or troll him


  1. One vote in favour of trolling his ass, gringo.

    What's this 'look like a ballcrushing lesbian' shit?

  2. Rolls on floor laughing...Troll him, troll him, troll hiiimmmmmmmmmmmm!!! My god, what an asshole!!

  3. *Rolls on floor laughing*. Troll him, troll him, troll god, what an asshole!!