Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Interesting things I found out today

1) I can't age verify normal people way. Before I didn't worry about it because I was underage so I used Tupac's info anyway. Now that I'm adult and I tried to be all legit and whatnot, it bounces my ID and my SSN. Stupid age verification. I tried my past 3 addresses on both. /kick /kick

2) LL appears to have banned my Paypal account. I put in my paypal and it said "Error: Use of this Paypal account has been restricted" My paypal account is fine so I'm guessing LL banned it. Bummer.

3) I've gotten more bitchy. I need to stop doing that. Stever got his weed card last week and once I go to the DMV and get an ID that doesn't look like it was photoshopped by a 14 year old (It's a real Indiana state ID, they just aren't very creative. Which is sad, but they figured it out eventually and made the state IDs look less fake about a month after I got mine. I'll post pics later. And then you guys can laugh at how much of a fatass I was when it was taken.) I'm going to get mine too. I went to the weed clinic with my medical history and ID and proof of residency and they booted me out the door because my ID just looks so bad. So yay, standing in line at the DMW. Fun times. Anyway the point of that story was before Steve left to go spend Christmas with his rents he gave me all his leftover weed cuse he figured it would be all dried out by the time he got back so I'm going to try and be permabaked so I'll stop being a massive bitchface.

4) When I'm not asleep with a movie on in the background, my dreams tend to center around peeing in an unsavoury bathroom and trying to run away. I mean, I already kinda knew this but I've been going to bed while watching tv for the past 2 years so it hasn't happened in a long time but last night the power kept flickering and it shut off my computer so I went back to the old style dreams. Wonder what the hippies of this blog will make of that.


  1. You can always just get a second Paypal, upgrade your old, good one to business and then open a personal one with a second checking account. It's a pain in the ass, but it does come in handy once in a while, like when LL want to be assholes and reject your Paypal.