Thursday, November 25, 2010

So like, I have no stepdad now

Warning: Run on sentence.  Periods may not exist.
My mom and my stepdad broke up. My mom said she couldn't take his emo shenanigans which I can see that cuse she's emo too and two emos in one trailer kinda seems to always end up on an episode of COPS. But like, the entire reason I'm even in California is cuse like 3 years ago CPS was like him or me cuse we got into a fight and it was all crazy and shit cuse like everyone in my family is completely batshit including myself and she was like him so I had to move out here with my dad but my dad is like broke cuse he's all recovering meth addict and then I was going to move in with my aunt and uncle (the weird white supremacist ones) but like my aunt hates me cuse she thinks my uncle might be my real dad cuse I look exactly like my uncle but only kinda look like my dad but I asked my mom and she was like HAHAHAHA OHFUCKNO D:< and threwup a little in her mouth at the thought of her and my uncle fucking so it was like well that's good enough for me so like I moved in with my grandparents cuse no one else was taking me and now it's like I have to think about shit cuse I mean a lot of good has happened in my time and I've had relationships and seen shit and done shit and met Steve but it's still like lolwtf I came all the way out here for one freakin reason and then it's like didn't take very long for that to go out the window and that's just not cool. I still choose to be out here, but I'm pissed off that the entire reason I'm here was so shortlived. I've kept a betta fish for longer than 5 years before and I didn't have to give away any offspring to do so. I mean, I know that's oversimplifying the matter down to a childlike perception, but I'm just upset about it all so I'm being irrational and complaining about it on the internets.
I asked Steve a month ago why all of a sudden everything is fucking up and I have to deal with it all at once with no help from anyone else and when I do get help from people they just make it worse and he says that's because I'm finally starting to be a Real Adult™ and now I kinda think he was totally right.


  1. Just my luck to finally find my way to your place and find the house on fire

  2. Shit's all screwy for me right now too, the being a real adult thing is for the birds. Good luck and that whole things happen for a reason thing is all oddly screwed up but rue.

  3. Yeah, he is, because that's the problem with Real Adult™: if it were a thing you could buy, and for sale in the UK, it would be in breach of the Trades Description Act. You'd get your money back, because you buy the Real Adult™ package and you never actually get what the product suggests - Real Adult™. Instead you just feel, basically, exactly the same as you did when you were 15, except you're aware you are older, not quite as sexy, don't lose your temper so much and know you have even less time to get the Real Adult™ product working properly before you pop your clogs.

    I am looking forward to installing Real Old Guy™. Apart from those who clearly haven't installed it properly, because they forgot to clean install after removal of Real Adult™ and this has caused an overload of Moaning Non Stop™ v1.7, people who have installed Real Old Guy™ correctly seem to be quite chilled and almost Cool™.

  4. Old Fart™ is really great, I've been using it for years and find it quite enjoyable.

  5. Yes, I think I have been using the free version of Old Fart™ without signing-up for updates. I agree it is perhaps the best way to be between Real Adult™ (which has never run well on my system) and Real Old Guy™ (for which I don't yet fully qualify). In either case, even installing the free, lite version of Old Fart™ seems to hold off the virus: Moaning Non Stop™ v1.7.