Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One step closer to Truth in Adverising

So I got this email, so did a fuckton of other people I imagine

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Help Us Test the SL Web Viewer Beta

As we explore ways to make the Second Life experience faster, easier, and more fun, we are testing a number of approaches to bring new users closer to the richness of our virtual world. Yesterday, we quietly launched a beta test of a new technology that opens up Second Life to new users like never before: Second Life on the Web! The SL Web Viewer allows new users to become Second Life "guests" through the Web and enjoy basic SL functionality while exploring exciting destinations in Second Life -- all without downloading a Viewer. We need your help to test the SL Web Viewer!

Just follow these simple steps:
1. Visit the SL Web Viewer Beta >>
2. There is a 45-second video that will run while the system loads and then you’ll either be offered an "Explore Now" button -- which means that you have successfully qualified -- or a "Join Now" button -- which means that you do not qualify for the test at this time*.
3. If you qualify, you’ll be asked to share your email address to create a temporary guest account to use the SL Web Viewer.
We’ll be running tests like this from time to time, and we may ultimately choose to further pursue some or none of these approaches, depending on what we learn from our testing, but we’re very excited to make SL an easier experience for guests and look forward to hearing what you think.

Best regards,

Kim Salzer

VP of Marketing
Linden Lab

*Note: We’re in the early stages of testing this technology, and not everyone who navigates to the link will be able to access the SL Web Viewer.

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And the link of course redirects to:
The tagline "Life like you've never lived" really gave me a good lol. Seems like Kim is almost getting to truth in advertising. "We know you have no life. Basement dwellers be lurkin here"

Now a lot of people will be emo offended by this but fuck them it's funny. And true. And the moment we all realize that the better things will be.


  1. Daria, did you try it out yet? Whether or not you think we have lives is besides the point.. I know, your blog, your world.. ;-)

  2. Wasn't about what I think. It's that LL thinks we don't have lives either. And I found that funny.

  3. Hey Daria, have you tried it yet? I did receive that email too but I didn't let me try it at the end D:

  4. No it won't let me in on Chrome either.