Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh ffs

I log in last night after a few days from SL and get this:
[2010/11/11 21:27]  Porthos Dreddmor: (Saved Wed Nov 10 17:56:38 2010) haha nice to know the forum troll is back  and still as stupid as ever.
[2010/11/11 21:27]  Porthos Dreddmor: (Saved Wed Nov 10 17:56:40 2010) lol
[2010/11/11 21:27]  Porthos Dreddmor: (Saved Wed Nov 10 17:56:51 2010) abuse reported up the wazoo!
[2010/11/11 21:27]  Porthos Dreddmor: (Saved Thu Nov 11 20:30:17 2010) hey how about you stop harrassing and slandering others on the forum.  better yet, jsut admit youre an uderage pothead and stfu and go do whatever it is stupid retarded emo freas do
My first thought is: Why are all of Cummere's meatpuppets semi-illiterate?
Second: Why is Deputy Dawg so militant? Like, that one sock said in the forum that he pastes links and shit of me saying things to a couple groups? Which does explain why when he posts there's a ton of meatpuppets.
Third: Why are all of his friends all like CUMMERE IS A GURL YOU TROLL! D:< Now while I know that bitches be crazy, Cummere is in no way a chick. Seriously. There are a lot of completely batshit women in SL and he doesn't act like them. He's more inline with Milhouse or Jumpy.
Fourth: Okay, I admit it. I'm totally uderage. I'm the uderist uderager who ever udered. Also I'm a freas.


  1. He called you stupid - gasp! He reminds me of my baby sister when she was too young to think of a creative insult.
    'abuse reported up the wazoo' = prick
    You've Hello Kittied your blog = :D

  2. YES. Now it actually displays correctly at high resolutions.