Thursday, November 25, 2010

So like, I have no stepdad now

Warning: Run on sentence.  Periods may not exist.
My mom and my stepdad broke up. My mom said she couldn't take his emo shenanigans which I can see that cuse she's emo too and two emos in one trailer kinda seems to always end up on an episode of COPS. But like, the entire reason I'm even in California is cuse like 3 years ago CPS was like him or me cuse we got into a fight and it was all crazy and shit cuse like everyone in my family is completely batshit including myself and she was like him so I had to move out here with my dad but my dad is like broke cuse he's all recovering meth addict and then I was going to move in with my aunt and uncle (the weird white supremacist ones) but like my aunt hates me cuse she thinks my uncle might be my real dad cuse I look exactly like my uncle but only kinda look like my dad but I asked my mom and she was like HAHAHAHA OHFUCKNO D:< and threwup a little in her mouth at the thought of her and my uncle fucking so it was like well that's good enough for me so like I moved in with my grandparents cuse no one else was taking me and now it's like I have to think about shit cuse I mean a lot of good has happened in my time and I've had relationships and seen shit and done shit and met Steve but it's still like lolwtf I came all the way out here for one freakin reason and then it's like didn't take very long for that to go out the window and that's just not cool. I still choose to be out here, but I'm pissed off that the entire reason I'm here was so shortlived. I've kept a betta fish for longer than 5 years before and I didn't have to give away any offspring to do so. I mean, I know that's oversimplifying the matter down to a childlike perception, but I'm just upset about it all so I'm being irrational and complaining about it on the internets.
I asked Steve a month ago why all of a sudden everything is fucking up and I have to deal with it all at once with no help from anyone else and when I do get help from people they just make it worse and he says that's because I'm finally starting to be a Real Adult™ and now I kinda think he was totally right.

Monday, November 22, 2010

cu you in cort little girl

 So like a week ago I was in a voice chat with someone and some shirtless permanoob appears over my bed in my Linden Squat. I didn't think anything of it at the time and just told him to gtfo, he pimped around for a bit asked me if I'd sex him I told him to fuck off and then he walked out the front door. e_e
And then today he IMs me. So I decided to screw with him:

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[15:57]  BACK Blackburn: hi daria was looking at your flikr acct whats agold account
[15:58]  BACK Blackburn: never heard of that
[15:58]  Daria Afterthought: weren't you the bloke that tp'd into my house the other day?
[15:59]  BACK Blackburn: yes and i left right away
[15:59]  BACK Blackburn: and apolgized
[16:00]  Daria Afterthought: k.
[16:01]  Daria Afterthought: a second life gold account is a special status that certain people LL favours can get. you can only get a second life gold account from a Linden or someone with a second life gold account
[16:01]  Daria Afterthought: I happen to have one
[16:01]  BACK Blackburn: oh really
[16:01]  Daria Afterthought: yea. if you give me 1000L I'll send you an invite code
[16:01]  BACK Blackburn: does it cost extra
[16:02]  Daria Afterthought: no but a lot of people sell the invite codes
[16:02]  BACK Blackburn: ok I can understand that
[16:03]  BACK Blackburn: and where do I go to use the code
[16:03]  Daria Afterthought: someone with the account has to put your name and code into a special form on the account page
[16:03]  Daria Afterthought: and then we get the link to send you
[16:04]  BACK Blackburn: oh ok so for 1000L i get to view your boobs :-)
[16:04]  Daria Afterthought: yep
[16:05]  BACK Blackburn: cool anything else come with gold membership
[16:05]  BACK Blackburn: teeshirt
[16:05]  Daria Afterthought: any other gold account images can be seen, and you can encrypt your images with gold protection
[16:05]  Daria Afterthought: also you get lindens to friend you
[16:05]  Daria Afterthought: it's pretty sweet
[16:06]  Daria Afterthought: you can ask lindens to ban people you don't like
[16:06]  Daria Afterthought: they won't always do it though
[16:06]  BACK Blackburn: ok you promise you not feeding me aline
[16:07]  Daria Afterthought: of course man
[16:07]  Daria Afterthought: why would I do that?
[16:07]  BACK Blackburn: your from UK
[16:07]  Daria Afterthought: no, USA
[16:07]  Daria Afterthought: LL is in the US
[16:08]  BACK Blackburn: hmmmmm you called me abloke
[16:08]  Daria Afterthought: I grew up in Oz
[16:08]  Daria Afterthought: I watch too much BBC
[16:08]  BACK Blackburn: really
[16:08]  Daria Afterthought: yep
[16:08]  BACK Blackburn: can I come there
[16:09]  Daria Afterthought: come where?
[16:09]  BACK Blackburn: i need to look you in the eye
[16:09]  BACK Blackburn: your place silly
[16:10]  Daria Afterthought: I sent you a tp
[16:11]  BACK Blackburn: hi there
[16:11]  BACK Blackburn: you have arl parrat
[16:11]  Daria Afterthought: what?
[16:12]  BACK Blackburn: the vedio on cube
[16:12]  Daria Afterthought: orite
[16:12]  Daria Afterthought: swearing parrot
[16:12]  Daria Afterthought: friend of mine was watching that with me
[16:13]  BACK Blackburn: did you just tell someone too shut up
[16:13]  Daria Afterthought: no
[16:13]  BACK Blackburn: i heard 2 people
[16:13]  Daria Afterthought: I'm not on voice
[16:13]  Daria Afterthought: probably the neighbours
[16:14]  Daria Afterthought: theres some chick on radar...but she seems too far away for voice
[16:14]  BACK Blackburn: yea she told guy to shut TF up
[16:14]  Daria Afterthought: lol wow
[16:14]  BACK Blackburn: iam alwaays getting wierd shit
[16:14]  Daria Afterthought: I don't have voice on for that very reason. I don't like listening to people bicker
[16:15]  BACK Blackburn: no meeather
[16:15]  BACK Blackburn: ok Daria Iam goint to trust you
[16:16]  BACK Blackburn: if you screw me over
[16:16]  Daria Afterthought: I won't man
[16:17]  BACK Blackburn: i'll
[16:17]  BACK Blackburn: cause drama :-)
[16:17]  Daria Afterthought: I don't want that to happen.
[16:17]  BACK Blackburn: and i'll take your boots
[16:18]  Daria Afterthought: lol
[16:18]  BACK Blackburn paid you L$1000.
[16:18]  Daria Afterthought: yea you're an idiot. theres no such thing as a second life gold account. that's the point
[16:29]  BACK Blackburn: hmmmmm
[16:29]  BACK Blackburn: so whats your game
[16:30]  BACK Blackburn: hello princess
[16:30]  Daria Afterthought: it's not really a're just some dude that ended up in my living room with a bunch of sex groups and no shirt and when you IM'd me I thought I'd make fun of you
[16:31]  BACK Blackburn: oh i see so your acrimnal
[16:31]  BACK Blackburn: and you just stole money from me
[16:32]  Daria Afterthought: you were breaking and entering....criminal tresspassing
[16:32]  Daria Afterthought: we're even
[16:32]  Daria Afterthought: also you're a sexist pig
[16:32]  BACK Blackburn: so smart ass we'll see how this ends
[16:32]  Daria Afterthought: lol. k
[16:33]  BACK Blackburn: Ive got the whole conversation
[16:33]  Daria Afterthought: I know ^_^
[16:33]  BACK Blackburn: Thats why I kept in in local
[16:34]  Daria Afterthought: I don't think it makes a difference if it's in local or IM
[16:34]  Daria Afterthought: what are you going to do? blog about it? :D
[16:34]  BACK Blackburn: no turn you in to lindens
[16:35]  Daria Afterthought: have fun with that
[16:35]  BACK Blackburn: your stealing
[16:35]  Daria Afterthought: you're*
[16:36]  Daria Afterthought: the other day you came into my house for whatever reason and started harassing me and my friend. I have no idea why you thought that this was your house, but your stupidity cost you 1000L
[16:36]  Daria Afterthought: learn from it, and move on
[16:36]  Daria Afterthought: what were you doing in my house anyway? using my sexbed?
[16:36]  Daria Afterthought: looking and your profile that's probably exactly what you were doing. ew. gross.
[16:37]  BACK Blackburn: so yi don't need to defend myself
[16:37]  Daria Afterthought: lol you've got to be kidding me. you were actually using my bed for your pixelshenanigans? oh thats just wrong
[16:37]  BACK Blackburn: and you can lie all you want your just achild
[16:38]  Daria Afterthought: lie about what?
[16:38]  Daria Afterthought: :D
[16:38]  BACK Blackburn: some day when you grow up you will understand
[16:38]  BACK Blackburn: Gold card
[16:38]  Sadira Desideri is Online
[16:39]  Daria Afterthought: I'll understand the need to go into other people's houses and cybersex with their stuff? ew god I hope not
[16:39]  BACK Blackburn: how many people you taken with that one
[16:39]  Daria Afterthought: just you
[16:39]  Daria Afterthought: gold account is an old joke. most people "got it" and laughed
[16:40]  BACK Blackburn: wellI'll report it andsee who wins
[16:40]  Daria Afterthought: k
[16:41]  Daria Afterthought: you really have never heard of "Facebook GOLD account" before?
[16:41]  Daria Afterthought: it's like...kinda old
[16:42]  BACK Blackburn: you see daria what you didn'think about is
[16:42]  Daria Afterthought: consequences will never be the same?
[16:42]  BACK Blackburn: your not the judge and jurey
[16:43]  Daria Afterthought: I don't care?
[16:43]  BACK Blackburn: you think I don't know that
[16:44]  BACK Blackburn: you a baby
[16:44]  Daria Afterthought: why were you looking at my flickr anyway if you were just some dude who accidentally tp'd into my house a few days ago? have you been like cyberstalking me or some shit?
[16:44]  Daria Afterthought: or have you been like, using my bed for pixelsex repeatedly?
[16:44]  BACK Blackburn: why do you put the info in your profile
[16:44]  Daria Afterthought: put what info?
[16:45]  BACK Blackburn: your fliker address
[16:45]  Daria Afterthought: oh. because every now and then people ask me if I have one and I can be like "in my profile dude"
[16:45]  BACK Blackburn: you better clear all that shit out dear
[16:46]  Daria Afterthought: lol why?
[16:46]  BACK Blackburn: omg
[16:46]  Daria Afterthought: I still wanna know why you were in my house. you weren't seriously using my sexbed were you? you know it doesn't even have real sex animations in it...its just for decoration
[16:46]  BACK Blackburn: I forgot haw babies act
[16:47]  BACK Blackburn: nope
[16:47]  Daria Afterthought: then why were you here?
[16:48]  BACK Blackburn: Like I said i don't have to defend myself
[16:48]  Daria Afterthought: lol yea you do. you could be a stalker for all I know
[16:48]  Daria Afterthought: I mean, most people when they TP to the wrong place they leave as soon as possible
[16:48]  BACK Blackburn: and Iam ceratinly going to put in text
[16:48]  Daria Afterthought: you were pimpin around here like you owned the place until I told you to leave
[16:49]  BACK Blackburn: OMG
[16:49]  BACK Blackburn: your apice of work
[16:49]  Daria Afterthought: and you can't spell. but that doesn't matter. why were you in my house?
[16:50]  BACK Blackburn: you set me aTP
[16:50]  Daria Afterthought: no, I mean the other day. when you first popped up here
[16:50]  BACK Blackburn: your asilly girl
[16:51]  Daria Afterthought: not really
[16:51]  BACK Blackburn: your not listening
[16:51]  Daria Afterthought: yes I am. when me and that guy we're hanging out here, why did you come here and hang out until we were like gtfo who are you
[16:51]  BACK Blackburn: if and when I need to defend mysele I will
[16:52]  Daria Afterthought: why are you so scared to tell me what you were doing in my house? did you just have a tp fail or something?
[16:52]  Daria Afterthought: you're getting creepier by the second
[16:52]  Daria Afterthought: some sex nuts old dude shows up in my house and then IMs me a week later asking me about something on my flickr...that isn't right
[16:53]  BACK Blackburn: cu you in cort little girl
[16:53]  Daria Afterthought: LOL


Friday, November 19, 2010

God damnit.

There's this dude from the forum who is really starting to piss me off because he's stupid. No, it's no one I've argued with or made fun of and no it's not a troll. It's just this guy who is like...possibly mentally handicapped. And the main reason I'm pissed off is cuse I don't feel right going JESUS CHRIST YOU ARE DUMB because he isn't trying to be malicious or trolly or hateful, he's just not very bright. Which is probably no fault of his own. It just bugs me to death. It would be easier if he was like Wasted and was trying to be hateful/malicious because then I wouldn't feel bad at all ripping him a new one...but he's just a dude...who isn't bright.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One step closer to Truth in Adverising

So I got this email, so did a fuckton of other people I imagine

Can't see this email? View online

Help Us Test the SL Web Viewer Beta

As we explore ways to make the Second Life experience faster, easier, and more fun, we are testing a number of approaches to bring new users closer to the richness of our virtual world. Yesterday, we quietly launched a beta test of a new technology that opens up Second Life to new users like never before: Second Life on the Web! The SL Web Viewer allows new users to become Second Life "guests" through the Web and enjoy basic SL functionality while exploring exciting destinations in Second Life -- all without downloading a Viewer. We need your help to test the SL Web Viewer!

Just follow these simple steps:
1. Visit the SL Web Viewer Beta >>
2. There is a 45-second video that will run while the system loads and then you’ll either be offered an "Explore Now" button -- which means that you have successfully qualified -- or a "Join Now" button -- which means that you do not qualify for the test at this time*.
3. If you qualify, you’ll be asked to share your email address to create a temporary guest account to use the SL Web Viewer.
We’ll be running tests like this from time to time, and we may ultimately choose to further pursue some or none of these approaches, depending on what we learn from our testing, but we’re very excited to make SL an easier experience for guests and look forward to hearing what you think.

Best regards,

Kim Salzer

VP of Marketing
Linden Lab

*Note: We’re in the early stages of testing this technology, and not everyone who navigates to the link will be able to access the SL Web Viewer.

     You are receiving this announcement because you have agreed to receive messages relating to services offered by Linden Lab. For more information refer to our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

If you wish to be removed from future mailings please safely unsubscribe or use the Unsubscribe button in subsequent promotional mailings. Please note that you may still receive some e-mails for transactions, instant messages from friends and/or customer service responses.

Copyright 2010 Linden Research, Inc., 945 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 94111


And the link of course redirects to:
The tagline "Life like you've never lived" really gave me a good lol. Seems like Kim is almost getting to truth in advertising. "We know you have no life. Basement dwellers be lurkin here"

Now a lot of people will be emo offended by this but fuck them it's funny. And true. And the moment we all realize that the better things will be.

Can't decide on a skin.

Laqroki released 2 pale skins I thought were cool.
I like the shading on the Elena one more than the Mima, but the model pic for the Mima one looks like an asshole. Eyes are too small on there. But I like the lips more.
This is me doing them:

See. The lips on the Mima are so awesome. But the shading is so blah. And the shading on the Elana is so cool. But the lips are just....bad. Which one should I get? Or fuck it?

Monday, November 15, 2010

I love the train

My house is by train tracks and its like 10 minutes from the station. So there are a lot of Amtrak trains. I just noticed, whenever a train goes by, I'm able to connect to the 2 onboard wifi routers and if anyone has their iphone/droid tethered I can connect to those to. But only for the 30 seconds it takes for it to go by ^_^

Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh ffs

I log in last night after a few days from SL and get this:
[2010/11/11 21:27]  Porthos Dreddmor: (Saved Wed Nov 10 17:56:38 2010) haha nice to know the forum troll is back  and still as stupid as ever.
[2010/11/11 21:27]  Porthos Dreddmor: (Saved Wed Nov 10 17:56:40 2010) lol
[2010/11/11 21:27]  Porthos Dreddmor: (Saved Wed Nov 10 17:56:51 2010) abuse reported up the wazoo!
[2010/11/11 21:27]  Porthos Dreddmor: (Saved Thu Nov 11 20:30:17 2010) hey how about you stop harrassing and slandering others on the forum.  better yet, jsut admit youre an uderage pothead and stfu and go do whatever it is stupid retarded emo freas do
My first thought is: Why are all of Cummere's meatpuppets semi-illiterate?
Second: Why is Deputy Dawg so militant? Like, that one sock said in the forum that he pastes links and shit of me saying things to a couple groups? Which does explain why when he posts there's a ton of meatpuppets.
Third: Why are all of his friends all like CUMMERE IS A GURL YOU TROLL! D:< Now while I know that bitches be crazy, Cummere is in no way a chick. Seriously. There are a lot of completely batshit women in SL and he doesn't act like them. He's more inline with Milhouse or Jumpy.
Fourth: Okay, I admit it. I'm totally uderage. I'm the uderist uderager who ever udered. Also I'm a freas.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Social Network.

Saw it. It was awesome. Some guy came in late and looked and acted exactly like my ex. The good one, not the cheating one or the asshole one. I got so nervous and excited I had to go tweet about it. And then when the movie was over it turned out it wasn't him. Hard to tell in the dark.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New fishies!

I got Commie, Nes, Super, 64, and Wii!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One happy liberal hippy freak

Catgirl Rachel! :D :D :D