Thursday, October 28, 2010


A lot of people think I never censor myself. This is untrue. I learned really quick on the forums one should not use the words "fuck" or "fag" since they generate AR's quite quickly. Well, due to recent moderation faggotry making all that fucking shit fly out the window and now anyone can have something rejected for any reason, I'm just going to stop trying. I use "fag" and variations of it a lot and never in a gay bashing way and rarely even in relation to gay dudes and most people I know who use the word fag think it's odd that people ever meant it to refer to gay dudes cuse they're all my age and it is kind of weird for us to wrap our head around that. I also miss referring to myself as a "yappy hippy dyke/byke" since that used to generate ARs and I'm probably going to start doing that a lot more again.

No, before you ask, I'm not going to start using "nigger" too. (Yes. I knew exactly who was going to ask, you're so predictable) Why would I? It would be forced and then it's just like "lolololo I said the n word to be edgy and cool" and that's just really retarded.


  1. Daria nobody uses nigger anymore even in my world we calls each other neeeeeeeeeeeeegrooooo(ps you have to make the e and o last about three seconds each for proper effect.I donno how to post other than annon. but yup, it's me. your Auntie M. and I'm a gonna get you a bicycle for christmas or kwanza whichever

  2. Mox...Google, Typepad, Livejournal, OpenID, Blogger, Wordpress, AIM/AOL, and just putting your name all work.

    and I am aware. I was just addressing it before Obvious Fucktard™ would bitch about it in the comments/on the forums.
    (Note, Obvious Fucktard™ is more of a placeholder than a specific person. In this context it's one person but it my next bitchfest it will probably mean someone completely different.

  3. Oh my god your opinions are so dull. please stfu

  4. I was wondering when the tards would realize I had turned anonymous posting back on..