Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daria tries things she hates but you idiots like.

I'm feeling a bit emo so I figured I'd start something potentially fulfilling and at the very least lulzy. It's called "Daria tries things she hates but you idiots like" For anyone who wants to humour my asshole self, here are some ideas.
  • Involved Bloodlines vampire RP complete with castle and lots of /me crap
  • Gorean slave bitch
  • Child av family
  • Tummy talkers
  • Some sort of medevil thing
  • Full time fursuit
If anyone wants to add to the list, comment or post. Going to be xposting this to a thread because comments are screwing up for some people. Anyone wants to invite me to their realm, post as well. Going to post about it :D


  1. Ah! I see you're only talking SL, I was gonna give your man a transatlantic high five there! haha - ha!

    May I suggest approaching absolutely every resident you come across and either asking for the secks or for 100 lindens? Many idiots seem to enjoy asking those two questions - lots.

  2. re-post from GD forum, in case your thread gets pulled :)
    Oh, I got something for you .

    Come over to our Dojo and learn how to fight with a Katana, using the C:si system. If you are unfamiliar with WASDCE keys and mouselook, no worry; we will teach you. If you know how to handle that, great!

    Once you learned the basics, and shown us you can handle the sword, have good sportsmanship and play fair, I will take you to a combatsim for some 'real' fights!

    You will need a C:si Katana, if you don't have one I will be happy to go shopping with you. (As they are not cheap and this is on my invitation, I am offering you the LS to buy it).

    We are not role players, consider this a 'hobby' or a 'sportclub', no need for special outfits, but we do ask you to remove scripted items when fighting !

    Let me know if you are up to this!