Thursday, October 28, 2010


A lot of people think I never censor myself. This is untrue. I learned really quick on the forums one should not use the words "fuck" or "fag" since they generate AR's quite quickly. Well, due to recent moderation faggotry making all that fucking shit fly out the window and now anyone can have something rejected for any reason, I'm just going to stop trying. I use "fag" and variations of it a lot and never in a gay bashing way and rarely even in relation to gay dudes and most people I know who use the word fag think it's odd that people ever meant it to refer to gay dudes cuse they're all my age and it is kind of weird for us to wrap our head around that. I also miss referring to myself as a "yappy hippy dyke/byke" since that used to generate ARs and I'm probably going to start doing that a lot more again.

No, before you ask, I'm not going to start using "nigger" too. (Yes. I knew exactly who was going to ask, you're so predictable) Why would I? It would be forced and then it's just like "lolololo I said the n word to be edgy and cool" and that's just really retarded.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daria tries things she hates but you idiots like.

I'm feeling a bit emo so I figured I'd start something potentially fulfilling and at the very least lulzy. It's called "Daria tries things she hates but you idiots like" For anyone who wants to humour my asshole self, here are some ideas.
  • Involved Bloodlines vampire RP complete with castle and lots of /me crap
  • Gorean slave bitch
  • Child av family
  • Tummy talkers
  • Some sort of medevil thing
  • Full time fursuit
If anyone wants to add to the list, comment or post. Going to be xposting this to a thread because comments are screwing up for some people. Anyone wants to invite me to their realm, post as well. Going to post about it :D

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Linden Lab

Hi. If I'm linking you to this, it is because you were under the impression LL reads the forums. They do not. We don't even have human moderators, just an automated program. LL will not hear your complaint or grievance, and you will not achieve some sort of uprising or revolt. If you have been seriously wronged, call a lawyer. If you're poor, there are nonprofit ones out there. Otherwise, just take another hit and say "meh" because your post is going unheard.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Next Public Appearance.

No not really. I'm just going to SModcastle with Steve tomorrow to see Blow Hard live and if any of you wish to rise up from your mother's basement and say hi to me, I don't mind.

omgomgomg Trenchcoat!

I has a new trenchcoat. I bid 15 bux for it on eBay and won. Women's Army trenchcoat. Just plain black. The material is nice and I love it so much. Can't believe I got it for 15 bux though. Was expecting to get it and it have cat vomit and cigarette burns on it but it seems to be in perfect condition. Going to keep an eye out for things like bedbugs and fleas still. I *might* post pictures. Might.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I want an iPad

Provide one for me. :D

Friday, October 15, 2010

Itty bitty titty comittee can go fuck themselves

I bought the cutest top today and I got in an XL. Couldn't try it on, so I just took it home and tried it on with the rest of my jeans and shit that I picked up. Sleeves and tummy area was freakin huge. As I figured, its an XL. But my boobs did not fit. Like, the second and third button were about to pop off. And I know there's some people going "I don't understand what the complaint is?" Well my complaint is this, fuck you I loved that top. I hate sitting in line shameful with the biggest size they carry and everyone looking at me like I'm some kind of fatass whale only for me to return it for reason "too small" when really its not too small. I bet if I had like..a b cup or something...I would wear a small or medium. I wish we could go back to when small tits were shameful cuse I'm tired of looking fat just so I can stuff my tits in a shirt without looking like a failed hooker. You guys can always stick some toiler paper in there to fit into proper clothing, we can't shrink our tits for yours. Freakin paedophile designers or something making junior/women's clothing with an A-cup maximum. You cannot fit E-cup tits in A-cup capacity shirts. I'm sure it sounds porn star sexy but it isn't. Its like trying to stick a size 20/22w ass into size 7 capacity pants. It just ain't pretty. So sorry small titted girls if you were picked on in high school for being flat chested, but you got your wish and now all of us who have been cursed by larger ones have to wear fatass clothing, buy bras from porn shops, and get the "omg slut" eyeroll from pretty much everyone because you have rid all the shops of any sort of clothing or bras that makes us not look ridiculous.  Its not awesome having huge boobs. 1) Guys don't like them. Seriously. Every guy that likes huge tits are like my Dad's/Toyla's/Alec's age. Needless to say: ew. 2) Can't buy shit. The outrage from the organic milk drinkers has made all tit-enabled clothing disappear. Some of us had to drink the dodgy mass produced milk as kids. 3) They hurt. Not the tits themselves, but my neck and back hurt like fuck.
So feel shame and badness.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I bought Stever's birthday prezzies today 8D
I got him a "grow your own beer" herb garden and a beer glass that had tags on it. Don't tell him. He doesn't read my blog anyway. He thinks its uberGHEY and purple and kitty and filled with SL faggotry.
I also bought a new trenchcoat. Its way too big for me but I look cute in hueg clothing. Although it might be just right for my boobage. I have to buy shirts like 2 sizes up cuse I'm like 99% certain women's clothing is designed by the ittybittytitty committee. Most shirts look like that...if you're bigger than a B cup you have to have major squooshing to fit things in there.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Gee, why is SL so boring lately? Its like nothing is going on. At all. Even the Twisted Hunt was very very meh this year. And I look forward to that. I dunno. Seems like its starting to die off a bit. No this is not an "end of SL" post. I think theres some sort of culture transition going on right now and its making things a bit dull. I tried Inworldz since the mass exodus (lol) seems to be leading over there but I kept on crashed. Ghei.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Donnanoble died ;_;

He was looking kinda sad last night so I gave him some treats and he seemed to be a bit more perky by morning but I came back from the aquarium and he was dead. Poor fishie. I hadn't had him for too long. Oh well. I might go to the pet shop tomorrow and get a new one.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Microsoft SL buyout.

It will never happen. SL is a money sinkhole. SL is a niche product. The "spoogecovered furry loserhole filled with housewives" thing I always bitch about is its profitability. Its a PR and financial failure. Either keep SL profitable, and have a PR nightmare on your hands, or clean it up, get more mainstream clientele, and watch your monies fall into a void. I have a few friends in Microsoft I can ask if they heard anything at all but I'm pretty sure its just not happening.