Friday, September 3, 2010

Tagging system and future post.

Minipost for two things:
1) I'm going to be redoing the entire tagging system on here soon. There are a lot of never used tags and stupid tags so I'm going to be updating that soon.

2) I'm going to be posting a follow up to the "Suicide Dude" thread. Not the dude himself, I've told everyone how that's ended (or just begun depending on your perspective) already, but the reactions of the people. There are a few things I want to address. Namely, a thanks to all of those who didn't waste my time with bullshit and promptly gave me an answer since Google had failed me, an observation on those who didn't read through the thread and posted "omg why are you on here" two days after the problem was resolved, and a comment (read: rant) about people who thought that my typical uncaring demeanor meant I do not consider human life to be valuable.


  1. Before you spend any significant time refining your tagging hierarchy, consider this. Do you ever use tags to *seriously* search for anything? Off the top of my head I can't think of a single person who does, so it begs the question, trendy as they may be, outside of a hardcore indexing environment such as wikipedia, what practical value is there in tagging aside from the generally cool & web 2.0-ish feeling it generates?

    Do one of those surveymonkey things if you're in doubt. I'd be curious to see the results.

  2. I like the needless web 2.0 cred damnit.