Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sometimes I just want to be needlessly rude.

Sometimes when I see someone's avatar I get the insane urge to tell them what I think of it. Even if I don't know them or we're getting along I just feel like being "YOU'RE UGLY!!!!1" and I don't know why and I know its judgmental and wrong but I just get that urge you know? I mean, not randomly, but if I see someone with a really bad looking avatar I just want to point it out. Like, 90% of avs I see on the forum I'm very much like DO NOT WANT even the people I like on there not just the people I'm not as fond of. Is this level of judgmental-ness normal or am I a giant dickhole?
And no, I'm not going to accept any of the hippy "We should all love our fellow man" type comments because those don't say anything at all. Be honest, or try to. I might even turn anonymous commenting back on if its making creative flow go stagnant.


  1. I think it is a bit like rl too, some people just have no taste and no amount of money can buy it.
    I mean, some poor people have taste and, sl or rl, look a million dollars because they know what is classy and what is not. Some lottery winners, in comparison, can still look tacky no matter how much they spend.
    We all make judgements every day and we do this mostly because we look for others, like ourselves, with whom we know we can share things: views, tastes, attitudes etc.
    You have said yourself that you are not like most other people so, of course, you are therefore going to find most people fail the Daria taste and sanity test.
    I wouldn't actively tell them, unless they ask, I'd just follow a piece of advice which my grandma once gave me as a kid. She said, "you are going to come across many people in life, who are so different from you they will confuse you, but just remember the Queen". Although at this point I thought grandma had gone a bit batty, she continued, "see, to the Queen, everyone is different, so just smile and wave, smile and wave, because she's rather above caring if people think she is simple minded and too polite."

  2. Maybe a helpful but still mildly satisfying approach would be to slip the ugly a few LMs for some decent shape/skin/fashion establishments and simply say "Um...go there ok?".

    ...otherwise it's just - "You better be charming and engaging in chat because I CAN'T EVEN LOOK AT YOU RIGHT NOW."