Sunday, September 5, 2010

So forums are down!

Okay this was going to be my "sucide dude" followup post but WOW reading the sent to emails posts makes everything I was going to say before just...unworthy.
Did you guys see Tod's fucking downsraeg. OMG that was....funny and bad and dude needs rehab or something man that was just incredible.
Pep was a bit of an ass but not more than usual. His whole "credibility" rant was funny though. How sad is someone that they keep track of "Second Life Blogorum Cred."
I'd like to thank everyone who didn't waste time and just told me to call the cops, because thats what I did and the end result was good. Google had failed me. It turned out to be easier just to ask the biggest forum of emos that I know ^_^ I probably overreacted a tiny bit but in the end I got my friend help and that is pretty kickass. He's a nice dude I'll have known for 6 years in March. Someone made the comment that because I don't know phone number and address we can't be that much of friends but in all reality, I don't even know my own phone number. I have my cell memorized but sometimes I screw it up. I don't know any of my friends' or families phone numbers/addresses either. I've never asked for his phone number or address because I can't remember them and I don't need to. Most of my non-face to face communication with family and friends is through IM or texting. I don't call people, I don't text people outside of my 5, I don't write letters..I don't even think I use email all that much anymore.
Ricardo...I was going to rant about but really Tod stole the limelight from him...Ricardo was a dick.
wtf happened man? I mean, I could tell from his initial posts it was going to get ugly but I had no idea just how bad it got. It sounds so cliche too. Bipolar emo girl stays with him for 8 years then starts dating girls....CLICHE!!!1 and I could so see why that if I was her, no matter how batshit, no matter how hetro, the tiniest inkling of bicuriousity would come out in full lezzer force after being around that loser for 8 years. It was Big long drunken rant. I hope that dude gets help...or a blog.

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  1. I read through that thread on the first day it got posted and at least you managed to get a couple of helpful comments amongst all the psychological evaluations on people with suicidal tendencies...and the psychological evaluations on people who try to help people with suicidal tendencies - cue lol.
    I just popped back and had another quick scan and wow that tod guy! Holy crap, it’s like he read that somebody actually cared about a depressed person other than himself and flew into a fit of jealous rage. And talking 'bout how he'd cut someone on the throat? My oh my!
    "All y'all cAn f**kInG DiE! BeCaUse Y'ALL C**NTS! AnD yOuR WhOLe F**kiNg fAmiLy can DiE WiTh sExUaL RAPE and EvERyThIng!"
    (I can’t really be bothered to comment on retardo, he’s just a tiny little twat-head, an annoying fly that continuously just buzzz buzzz buzzzes around the room, flies into your face,tries to fly into your mouth to make you gag, tries to fly up your butt and refuses to exit through the blindingly obvious open window...well look at that – I could be bothered to comment on him after all)