Friday, September 3, 2010

If you wanna be my lover!

Okay so like sometime in Jan. Alec convinced me to join this dating site and I've kinda been ignoring it for the past few months but they sent me this flowchart on supposedly how I choose my matches and I thought it was lulzy and I needed to share. The PDF to PNG conversion kinda wrecked the colors so I tried to up the saturation so its more readable and I had to resize it cuse it was like 10600x8000
Here it is! (Link)


  1. It seems I'd date whoever created the chart. I don't know what to imply from that.

  2. OK, either the person who mapped out that flow is from another planet or I'm going about dating all wrong.

    No sooner was I stunned by the atheist question, which could have some relevance if you were either VERY uber Christian or VERY uber the opposite, but elsewise is kinda irrelevant, than I was left open mouthed by the question about creationism.

    It's the first time I have been reminded that there is a difference between US and UK culture. I would say that 99.9% of UK Christians including, I am guessing but sure I am correct, the Head of most UK Churches, see the whole creationism thing as a metaphor and accept real life science, like Darwin.

    Moving on from that though, the choices on gender preference make absolutely no sense, as they seem to suggest I cannot accept gay partnerships if I wish to continue to be a heterosexual. I am totally chilled my gay friends prefer each other and don't like girls, but this flow suggests I need to wanna have sex with guys to accept that gays are ok.

    Is the dating site called - RIGHT WING NUTTERS CAN DATE TOO? With the tagline, "do you like shiny boots, smart grey uniforms, red flags and eagles? Is your christianity conflicting with your desire to eradicate vermin nationalities and gays? Then THIS is your dating site."

  3. I think its cuse you have to answer a shitton of questions and most of my matches answered the same ones. They have fluff questions like "Brad or Ashton" but I ignored those.
    I actually found it funny that the site thinks every single match I interacted with was anti-creationism ^_^
    And American Creationists don't see creationism as a metaphor. They fully believe that a man in the sky spent 6 Gregorian calendar days forming the earth and a 7th resting.
    As for the gay thing, its probably true that I couldn't date anyone with a hint of homophobia. It would drive me up a wall. Even when I'm dating a dude I like going to pride and stuff so if I were with some God HAETZ fags type, I'd claw my eyes out.
    Also, you'd be surprised at how many people in SoOC would slam the door in your face if they found out you were Athiest/Agnostic/Deist/Panthiest.
    Most of the questions on there I chose to answer were about politics, literature, religion, and gay stuff. I bet a more normal SoOCian girl my age would have the flowchart to reflect "Do you like Lady Gaga" to be the dealbreaker.
    I think the real reason you're outraged (besides that you're drunk) is cuse you went through the chart and ended up on "Only if you're paying" ^___^

  4. Very funny, but at 2:30pm I'm generally very sober, unfortunately! Anyways, I got "sure!"