Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I has a pedicure


 See? :3


  1. Yup, those are definitely pedicures.

    You have such a large space between your big toes and the rest, are you like a monkey or something?

    Maybe the opposite, perhaps you're more evolved than me and your big toe is moving to become a thumb.

  2. I have finger toes. They serve me well.

  3. Maybe so. Proof that evolution has leapt forward in two generations is that my thumb is more dexterous than my father's (because I was the first generation to extensively train my thumb to be faster for gamepads, txting, etc). Apparently, my learned skill may have been genetically passed to my son.

    Your generation is the first who will generally use your thumb, where mine and those before would use their index finger. I have read that car manufacturers (when it comes to buttons on dashboards) and designers of electronic goods are now making buttons bigger and more thumb friendly.

    The future is a thumbs up for thumbs.


  4. @Magnus - Don't be surprised. Most folks who spend *serious* time in the SL forums demonstrate sloth-like RL behaviour.

    This one is but a young specimen with teh funny toes, so it should be encouraged (considering the alternative) hehe