Friday, September 3, 2010

I guess I deserved it ^_^

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Re: Suicide dude

posted Sep 2, 2010 3:50 PM

Nowhere. But if we say 'fuck' the "concerned mothers" go batshit on us. This post will likely get reported.

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Mhmm. Although, I'm surprised and annoyed and some of the posts from there that were reported. I think it was because I said "bullshit" in both of them. However, whoever keeps doing that needs to be slapped upside the head because they seriously need a life. Who the hell scours necroposts for "bad words" and reports it? I mean, I know this thread isn't a necropost, but every now and then I'll get a post rejected from a thread that hasn't been replied to since July.


  1. I was half wanting to provide some support in that thread, but, couldn't bring myself to because I'd probably just start ranting about my own problems. (T_T)

    That said, I just got prescribed antidepressants today. (._.)

    From what I saw, you did the right thing for the guy. It may not have been his personal preference in outcome, but, eventually he may find the care he needs. (._.)

  2. Antidepressants blow. They never made me less depressed. Just tired and I gained like 15 pounds in a week on them.

  3. Hell, I got three posts rejected from that thread and I *never* swear.

    Pep (and they weren't even ARd by Sus!)

    PS I admire what you did, Daria, but not the place you did it.

  4. Eh, its better than the advice my rents gave me (talk to your mother) or the advice Google brought up (a bunch of yahoo answers that said things akin to 'lik omg thtz sad u shuld lisen2 sum likinpark')
    Theres a shitton of emos on SL. Chances are some of that shitton have done this before.

  5. You went to where you thought you'd get a wide range of advice, fair enough. I'd have phoned a hospital and asked to speak to the duty psych, but that's me.

    Point is, though, you asked and you acted on the advice your received. Half of the idiots in that thread would have been like the morons in the drugs-r-us convo.