Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hospital Suckage

Well I talked about it a bit on Twitter while I was there but heres the full story.
Like on Monday I was shopping at Home Depot with Steve for a new outlet cuse we found out the plug thingy behind his computer desk was all slutty and ghey and you had to jiggle the plugs of everything for it to work and that sucks. Anyway, I just got the super hurty pain on my side all of a sudden and I just doubled over and felt horrible and pissed off so we went back to his place and I thought I just pulled a muscle so I soaked in the hot tub then took a nap and we fixed leftovers and watched some TV while I had this major migraine so I went home early and went to bed.
Next morning I wake up feeling like I have to puke just nausea and badness and my side was still killing me so I laid in the bathtub with the shower going for like an hour and then I ate some pepto and asked my rents to call my doctor while I take a nap. I slept for awhile then my rents woke me up to take me to the doctor.
I got to the doctor and waited there for like ever so I got in and they made me pee in a cup then he poked me and told me he's 99% sure I have appendicitis and told me I had to go to the ER. So my rents took me to the ER and I called my dad and Steve to let them know whats up. I waited for like 2 hours..not that bad and then they got me into a bed and made me pee in another cup and took 6 vials of blood from me and hooked me up to all the monitors and and IVs and then my dad shows up cuse he left work early to come be with me. For like an hour I just kinda sat around and talked and then the doctor came to tell me that he's gonna send me for a CT scan.
So I get shipped down the hallway for a CT scan and it was okay and they tell you that stuff is going to make you warm and you're going to feel like you need to pee. Thats wrong. It makes your veins tingle and like your junk is on fire. I'm guessing when guys talk about IcyHot on the balls, thats how it feels. And then I got wheeled back to the little cubicle in the ER. We waited around for a few more hours and then I got shipped off for an ultrasound which was fun but they stuck a thingy up my vag. And that sucked but they shipped me back and then the nurse turned on the TV and me and my dad watched cartoons for a few hours and then the doctor told me that my appendix is fine but I had an ovarian cyst that burst so he told me he would give me some painkillers and ship me out. And then Steve showed up and brought me some comic books and I looked them over and the nurse came and removed all the IVs and discharged me. And me and Steve and my dad went to CVS to go pick up the Norco (its Vicodin with less Tylenol in it) and then I said bye to my dad cuse he had to go pick up my stepmom and then Steve took me out for sushi to cheer me up. And that was awesome.
So that was really long and drawn out
tl;dr version: Pain, thought I had appendicitis, was just a burst ovarian cyst, got some opiates, Steve ate sushi with me.


  1. Shit :(

    (apart from the sushi) :)

  2. Hope you're feeling better now :)

    I remember when I had my appendix out when I was 8yo. The Doctor came round to the house because I was in agony, popped on a rubber glove and stuck his finger up my bum and wiggled it around. We called him Doc Brian, because he was a fishing buddy of my father, and I remember, when he did it, I was thinking, "this is weird, why has Doc Brian stuck his finger up my bum?" Anyways, I get taken to the hospital in an ambulance with the lights going and everything and Doc Brian telling me I will feel much better after the operation and he was good about explaining it to me too.

    He lied, getting cut open hurts! A lot! So, I'm glad you missed that bit.