Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

FIC! Torley favorites RetarDOH!

Does this mean that it can stop being rejected by the mods? Every time I mention RetarDOH someone gets pissed off and reports it. Anyway I think I'm FIC now.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tyr Rozenblum is mean.

So a friend IMs me. A noob was in her living room.
[21:52]  Wolly Hurikan: olá
[21:52]  Tyr Rozenblum: why are you in my house
[21:53]  Tyr Rozenblum: bye.
[21:53]  Wolly Hurikan: sorry, come from afar'm Brazilian
[21:53]  Tyr Rozenblum: Okay well stay off private property
[21:53]  Tyr Rozenblum: have a good one
[21:55]  Wolly Hurikan: sorry, came from far I'm Brazilian, I want to help, need Linders, can you help me?
[22:02]  Wolly Hurikan: Linders need, I am Brazilian, L $ 100
[22:06]  Tyr Rozenblum: Daria Afterthought <~ sends money IM her
[22:09]  Wolly Hurikan: sex 500 Linders 1 hours
[22:12]  Wolly Hurikan: you want to have sex?

At this point the guy decides to take her advice (hatehatehate) and IM me.

[22:19] Wolly Hurikan: Hello I am Brazilian, you can give me? " 500 Linders?
[22:19] Daria Afterthought: why
[22:20] Daria Afterthought: why do you need 500L?
[22:21] Wolly Hurikan: precise
[22:21] Wolly Hurikan: no money
[22:21] Wolly Hurikan: or
[22:21] Wolly Hurikan: you want to have sex?
[22:23] Wolly Hurikan: sex 500 Linders 1 hours
[22:23] Daria Afterthought: no.
[22:23] Daria Afterthought: you can do my laundry though. I'll give you 500L for that
[22:23] Daria Afterthought: I have some dry cleaning too
[22:23] Wolly Hurikan: price of sex
[22:23] Wolly Hurikan: sex 500 Linders 1 hours
[22:24] Daria Afterthought: but I don't want sex. I want clean laundry
[22:25] Wolly Hurikan: ok I wash
[22:26] Daria Afterthought: okay. so when is it going to be done and where are you going to pick it up at? theres a starbucks down the street I can leave it there
[22:26] Daria Afterthought: also I cant have any soaps or dyes
[22:26] Daria Afterthought: unscented clear detergent only
[22:27] Wolly Hurikan: OK
leave me there
[22:28] Wolly Hurikan: ok
[22:28] Wolly Hurikan is offering friendship.

Quer ser meu amigo?

(By default, you will be able to see each other's online status.)
[22:29] Daria Afterthought: why are you offering me friendship? we're not friends
[22:29] Daria Afterthought: you haven't even started doing my laundry. you dont even know which starbucks to go to.
[22:29] Daria Afterthought: you're useless, I'm not giving you 500L. I'll do my own laundry
[22:30] Daria Afterthought: although I might give you 500L to clean my fish tank
[22:30] Daria Afterthought: it needs a water change
[22:30] Daria Afterthought: and the rocks are a bit mucky
[22:30] Wolly Hurikan: you have to take me there
[22:30] Daria Afterthought: don't you have a car?
[22:30] Daria Afterthought: do you live with your mother or something?
[22:30] Daria Afterthought: Im not picking up some strange dude gross
[22:32] Wolly Hurikan: I have no home, live alone
[22:32] Wolly Hurikan: no car
[22:35] Daria Afterthought: so...you're kind of a loser huh?
[22:37] Wolly Hurikan: you did not see my penis
[22:38] Wolly Hurikan: you believe that I am not losing
[22:41] Daria Afterthought: DO NOT WANT
[22:42] Wolly Hurikan has offered to teleport you to their location:

Junte-se a mim em Port Yasmine
Port Yasmine (183,63,30) - Moderate 
[22:42] Daria Afterthought: why are you tping me?
[22:44] Wolly Hurikan: I want to introduce you to my house
[22:45] Daria Afterthought: I don't want to meet your house
[22:45] Wolly Hurikan:
[22:46] Wolly Hurikan: fuck you
[22:46] Wolly Hurikan has offered to teleport you to their location:

Junte-se a mim em Port Yasmine
Port Yasmine (183,63,30) - Moderate
[22:47] Daria Afterthought: I don't want you to fuck me :/
[22:52] Wolly Hurikan: telling you to fuck you! with an animal
[22:54] Daria Afterthought: don't fuck me with an animal. thats not nice. and beastiality is bad.
[22:58] Wolly Hurikan: what you want from me?
[23:04] Daria Afterthought: nothing. you wanted money and wasn't willing to work for it
[23:05] Wolly Hurikan: I want to work
[23:06] Wolly Hurikan: work with sex
[23:06] Daria Afterthought: I asked you to do my laundry and you wouldn't and then I asked for you to clean my fish tank and then you said I'd have to pick you up and I said no
[23:07] Daria Afterthought: I don't think I can work with sex. I can barely work with the fishtank distracting me
[23:07] Wolly Hurikan: HAVE ONLY ONE THAT Teleport
[23:08] Daria Afterthought: lol wat?
[23:08] Wolly Hurikan: I WANT MONEY
[23:08] Wolly Hurikan has offered to teleport you to their location:

Junte-se a mim em Port Yasmine
Port Yasmine (183,63,30) - Moderate
[23:09] Daria Afterthought: we all want money. no idea why you're teleporting me though
[23:09] Daria Afterthought: I don't want to tp
[23:09] Daria Afterthought: I think I'll stay at my own house thanks
[23:11] Wolly Hurikan: tp sends me and I work
[23:11] Daria Afterthought: I don't think a tp will help you do my laundry
[23:12] Wolly Hurikan: let me see your laundry
[23:16] Daria Afterthought: no
[23:16] Wolly Hurikan: hahahaahahha
[23:16] Wolly Hurikan: vai se fuder
[23:16] Wolly Hurikan: me deixa em paz
[23:16] Wolly Hurikan: você não tem é dinheiro
[23:17] Daria Afterthought: but wai
[23:19] Wolly Hurikan: portugues
[23:20] Wolly Hurikan: não me interrompa estou fazendo sexo
[23:20] Wolly Hurikan: tchau
[23:20] Wolly Hurikan: bay
[23:20] Daria Afterthought: lol. you're sad

And then he went away.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

So forums are down!

Okay this was going to be my "sucide dude" followup post but WOW reading the sent to emails posts makes everything I was going to say before just...unworthy.
Did you guys see Tod's fucking downsraeg. OMG that was....funny and bad and dude needs rehab or something man that was just incredible. Just...wow.
Pep was a bit of an ass but not more than usual. His whole "credibility" rant was funny though. How sad is someone that they keep track of "Second Life Blogorum Cred."
I'd like to thank everyone who didn't waste time and just told me to call the cops, because thats what I did and the end result was good. Google had failed me. It turned out to be easier just to ask the biggest forum of emos that I know ^_^ I probably overreacted a tiny bit but in the end I got my friend help and that is pretty kickass. He's a nice dude I'll have known for 6 years in March. Someone made the comment that because I don't know phone number and address we can't be that much of friends but in all reality, I don't even know my own phone number. I have my cell memorized but sometimes I screw it up. I don't know any of my friends' or families phone numbers/addresses either. I've never asked for his phone number or address because I can't remember them and I don't need to. Most of my non-face to face communication with family and friends is through IM or texting. I don't call people, I don't text people outside of my 5, I don't write letters..I don't even think I use email all that much anymore.
Ricardo...I was going to rant about but really Tod stole the limelight from him...Ricardo was a dick.
wtf happened man? I mean, I could tell from his initial posts it was going to get ugly but I had no idea just how bad it got. It sounds so cliche too. Bipolar emo girl stays with him for 8 years then starts dating girls....CLICHE!!!1 and I could so see why that if I was her, no matter how batshit, no matter how hetro, the tiniest inkling of bicuriousity would come out in full lezzer force after being around that loser for 8 years. It was just...wow. Big long drunken rant. I hope that dude gets help...or a blog.

Friday, September 3, 2010

If you wanna be my lover!

Okay so like sometime in Jan. Alec convinced me to join this dating site and I've kinda been ignoring it for the past few months but they sent me this flowchart on supposedly how I choose my matches and I thought it was lulzy and I needed to share. The PDF to PNG conversion kinda wrecked the colors so I tried to up the saturation so its more readable and I had to resize it cuse it was like 10600x8000
Here it is! (Link)

Tagging system and future post.

Minipost for two things:
1) I'm going to be redoing the entire tagging system on here soon. There are a lot of never used tags and stupid tags so I'm going to be updating that soon.

2) I'm going to be posting a follow up to the "Suicide Dude" thread. Not the dude himself, I've told everyone how that's ended (or just begun depending on your perspective) already, but the reactions of the people. There are a few things I want to address. Namely, a thanks to all of those who didn't waste my time with bullshit and promptly gave me an answer since Google had failed me, an observation on those who didn't read through the thread and posted "omg why are you on here" two days after the problem was resolved, and a comment (read: rant) about people who thought that my typical uncaring demeanor meant I do not consider human life to be valuable.

I guess I deserved it ^_^

Second Life

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Re: Suicide dude

posted Sep 2, 2010 3:50 PM

Nowhere. But if we say 'fuck' the "concerned mothers" go batshit on us. This post will likely get reported.

© Linden Research, Inc.

Mhmm. Although, I'm surprised and annoyed and some of the posts from there that were reported. I think it was because I said "bullshit" in both of them. However, whoever keeps doing that needs to be slapped upside the head because they seriously need a life. Who the hell scours necroposts for "bad words" and reports it? I mean, I know this thread isn't a necropost, but every now and then I'll get a post rejected from a thread that hasn't been replied to since July.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hospital Suckage

Well I talked about it a bit on Twitter while I was there but heres the full story.
Like on Monday I was shopping at Home Depot with Steve for a new outlet cuse we found out the plug thingy behind his computer desk was all slutty and ghey and you had to jiggle the plugs of everything for it to work and that sucks. Anyway, I just got the super hurty pain on my side all of a sudden and I just doubled over and felt horrible and pissed off so we went back to his place and I thought I just pulled a muscle so I soaked in the hot tub then took a nap and we fixed leftovers and watched some TV while I had this major migraine so I went home early and went to bed.
Next morning I wake up feeling like I have to puke just nausea and badness and my side was still killing me so I laid in the bathtub with the shower going for like an hour and then I ate some pepto and asked my rents to call my doctor while I take a nap. I slept for awhile then my rents woke me up to take me to the doctor.
I got to the doctor and waited there for like ever so I got in and they made me pee in a cup then he poked me and told me he's 99% sure I have appendicitis and told me I had to go to the ER. So my rents took me to the ER and I called my dad and Steve to let them know whats up. I waited for like 2 hours..not that bad and then they got me into a bed and made me pee in another cup and took 6 vials of blood from me and hooked me up to all the monitors and and IVs and then my dad shows up cuse he left work early to come be with me. For like an hour I just kinda sat around and talked and then the doctor came to tell me that he's gonna send me for a CT scan.
So I get shipped down the hallway for a CT scan and it was okay and they tell you that stuff is going to make you warm and you're going to feel like you need to pee. Thats wrong. It makes your veins tingle and like your junk is on fire. I'm guessing when guys talk about IcyHot on the balls, thats how it feels. And then I got wheeled back to the little cubicle in the ER. We waited around for a few more hours and then I got shipped off for an ultrasound which was fun but they stuck a thingy up my vag. And that sucked but they shipped me back and then the nurse turned on the TV and me and my dad watched cartoons for a few hours and then the doctor told me that my appendix is fine but I had an ovarian cyst that burst so he told me he would give me some painkillers and ship me out. And then Steve showed up and brought me some comic books and I looked them over and the nurse came and removed all the IVs and discharged me. And me and Steve and my dad went to CVS to go pick up the Norco (its Vicodin with less Tylenol in it) and then I said bye to my dad cuse he had to go pick up my stepmom and then Steve took me out for sushi to cheer me up. And that was awesome.
So that was really long and drawn out
tl;dr version: Pain, thought I had appendicitis, was just a burst ovarian cyst, got some opiates, Steve ate sushi with me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sometimes I just want to be needlessly rude.

Sometimes when I see someone's avatar I get the insane urge to tell them what I think of it. Even if I don't know them or we're getting along I just feel like being "YOU'RE UGLY!!!!1" and I don't know why and I know its judgmental and wrong but I just get that urge you know? I mean, not randomly, but if I see someone with a really bad looking avatar I just want to point it out. Like, 90% of avs I see on the forum I'm very much like DO NOT WANT even the people I like on there not just the people I'm not as fond of. Is this level of judgmental-ness normal or am I a giant dickhole?
And no, I'm not going to accept any of the hippy "We should all love our fellow man" type comments because those don't say anything at all. Be honest, or try to. I might even turn anonymous commenting back on if its making creative flow go stagnant.

See the two highlights? No. Just no. Safari is a bit better than IE but still no. Safari is just the Mac version of IE. IE is really bad. I am so disappoint. I'm not going to get all Firefox fangirl, but godomot fanbois, why are (is?) 28% of my page views coming from IE. This is sad. Very sad. You lot should be better than this.