Thursday, August 19, 2010


I can't decide on a title for this post. It was "Um...wat" then "We call this irony kids" then "WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN" but nothing seems fitting.

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[15:08]  Reeper Benazzi: (Saved Thu Aug 19 14:00:57 2010) I just want to say that what happens on forum is forum related .. I do not know you now you I ... it will never get to be personal to that degree .. hopw you understand ...
[15:09]  Daria Afterthought: are IMing me why?
[15:10]  Reeper Benazzi‧: To clarify that forums are onwew thing and in world id diff .. like the Cartel
[15:11]  Reeper Benazzi‧: We can disagree on frorums and blogs .. I did it to make it clear that it was nor somwthing I was gonna carry over and we both just said what we felt needed to be said
[15:12]  Reeper Benazzi‧: If you wanna make it more then a forum thing .. you sau go
[15:12]  Daria Afterthought‧: I don't know you. I've never met you in world nor did I ever want to. Why are you bothering me here?
[15:12]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Done deal
[15:13]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Will hit mute and we can go to the forums and let this play out
[15:13]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Got ya kid
[15:13]  Daria Afterthought‧: whatever.
[15:13]  Reeper Benazzi‧: LOL .. cool
[15:14]  Reeper Benazzi‧: we will have fun now .. This was my way of reaching out to make peace .. an olive branch if you will
[15:14]  Reeper Benazzi‧: FUCK it
[15:14]  Reeper Benazzi‧: see ya in the forums
[15:14]  Daria Afterthought‧: wat
[15:16]  Reeper Benazzi‧: spent enough time trying to incooperate the kiddies into the MG ..   I will push my legal agenda and leave it at that .. I was reaching out in the im with an olive branch ..
[15:16]  Daria Afterthought‧: um. wat.
[15:16]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Sorry it seemeed to have bothered you
[15:16]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Will not happen again
[15:17]  Daria Afterthought‧: I just found it funny you sent me an IM in world to tell me that you want to keep forum and in world stuff separate
[15:17]  Reeper Benazzi‧: It was to open up a line of communication'
[15:18]  Reeper Benazzi‧: things got crazy and we both went off .. was trying to say to you look .. forum is forum .. if you are unable to seperate the two .. all good
[15:18]  Reeper Benazzi‧: The Forum Cartel does it well
[15:19]  Reeper Benazzi‧: In other words Daria
[15:19]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Was my way of saying I apologize because it got out of control
[15:19]  Reeper Benazzi‧: What you do with that and where yu take it .. is up to you
[15:20]  Reeper Benazzi‧: We can go a few ways with this
[15:20]  Reeper Benazzi‧: I will si back and watch and wait
[15:21]  Daria Afterthought‧: um. wat.
[15:21]  Reeper Benazzi‧: because going back to the forum .. not good for you ... or me for that matter
[15:21]  Reeper Benazzi‧: and if ya wanna keep saying um wat
[15:22]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Then only tells mw what I knew
[15:22]  Reeper Benazzi‧: forums it is
[15:22]  Daria Afterthought‧: dude, what are you talking about though seriously. I get it. in world and forums seperate. good whatever I always keep it that way. but what is all of this?
[15:22]  Reeper Benazzi‧: I approached you here to settle the differences and let it go
[15:23]  Daria Afterthought‧: there never were any differences. half of the time I don't even bother to look at the name of the person I'm debating. I debate the post, not the person.
[15:23]  Reeper Benazzi‧: it is all making sue that we understand that
[15:23]  Reeper Benazzi‧: I sent the IM to explain that I get the diff personas
[15:24]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Look Daria
[15:24]  Daria Afterthought‧: what is this "we?" got a turd in your pocket? I mean, I don't want to come off irritated or something cuse I'm not, but you're confusing me. you send me an IM in world to tell me to keep forum stuff seperate. and then when I say "wat" you go off on a rant. I am confuse. very confuse
[15:25]  Reeper Benazzi‧: no need to say antything more
[15:25]  Daria Afterthought‧: k then. whatev
[15:26]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Guess I underestimated and my bad ...  no worries ... not gonna happen again in world
[15:26]  Daria Afterthought‧: um. k
[15:27]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Catch ya on he forums .. have a great night Daria ... hehhehe ... Peace, Love and Joy from us Old ppl
[15:27]  Daria Afterthought‧: k
[15:28]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Peace out.... Drugs , Love and Party!!!  LMAO
[15:29]  Daria Afterthought‧: have fun with that
[15:29]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Oh I am gonna and mor then ya know ....
[15:30]  Reeper Benazzi‧: But, I do promise to stay withing the TOS and CS ... Rules are Rules
[15:30]  Daria Afterthought‧: lolwut
[15:31]  Reeper Benazzi‧: MY bad .. I find it hard to sopeak kiggerish .. still learning all those funky wrdsand letters you all assemble that are suppose to mean something
[15:33]  Daria Afterthought‧: cruise control for cool bro...
[15:33]  Reeper Benazzi‧: LOL ... Touche' ...
[15:34]  Reeper Benazzi‧: ok .. you got it
[15:34]  Daria Afterthought‧: got what?
[15:34]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Take care Daria
[15:34]  Daria Afterthought‧: k
[15:35]  Reeper Benazzi‧: We will verbaly joust again soon
[15:35]  Daria Afterthought‧: we will?
[15:35]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Based on your comments in this IM .. I am thinking yes
[15:37]  Reeper Benazzi‧: I was really hoping my initial IM was gona open the door to us being civil and laughing at each other .. I see I was wrong
[15:37]  Daria Afterthought‧: I don't see any incivility to this conversation...just confusion...
[15:38]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Yanno what .. you are right
[15:38]  Daria Afterthought‧: k
[15:38]  Reeper Benazzi‧: I apologize ... TY for responding
[15:38]  Daria Afterthought‧: um. k
[15:38]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Maybe some day we can be friends
[15:40]  Daria Afterthought‧: why? we don't know each other. how would you know if you want to be friends with me or not? that makes no sense. the extent of our knowledge of each other is "random forum person" and so far all we know we have in common is that we both post on a forum. doesn't make any sense
[15:41]  Reeper Benazzi‧: OK Daria ... random interactions have lead to many good frienshdhips .. but, I qill go with your definition
[15:42]  Reeper Benazzi‧: I am about to do an avent at my club
[15:42]  Reeper Benazzi‧: and you know what
[15:42]  Reeper Benazzi‧: you are invited
[15:43]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Have a great night and if you wish to join us .. i is rock .. you are free to do so
[15:44]  Daria Afterthought‧: I don't like clubs much. I'm more of a lock yourself in a room with 80s  music and a laptop kind of person
[15:45]  Reeper Benazzi‧: 80's music is what I am abut as a dj
[15:45]  Reeper Benazzi‧: anyway
[15:45]  Reeper Benazzi‧: TY for responding
[15:45]  Reeper Benazzi‧: I will apologize for what happened today and hope you accept
[15:46]  Daria Afterthought‧: sure whatev
[15:46]  Reeper Benazzi‧: Have a great night

I haven't done a chatlog post in a long time. If the guy didn't mention that he was forumfolk I wouldn't have even known who the dude was. Maybe its all the meds but I just kinda had this odd blank confusion during this entire thing. I'm ready to accept a "Daria, you're a fucking asspie, the guy was just being nice" but like...I dunno. I wasn't sure what to make of any of it though.


  1. So he wants to keep inworld and forums separate yet IM'd you inworld to tell you that? Wow. He's a genius.

  2. Daria, that was so funny my sides are aching. He musta been loaded, big time.
    His posted stuff is a bit odd too.
    I'd watch yourself with this guy, he just seems a little, um, creepy!

  3. I figured he's drunk for the most part. Usually when just saying "um. okay" can provoke some sort of rant, they're drunk. I do it, you do it, everyone does it.

  4. Biggest give-aways for me are the typos, either an immediately adjacent letter to the one intended or two letters pressed at once. Sure signs of drunk typing fumble. Additionally, his logic, or lack thereof, is that of a befuddled brain.
    However, I say again, it is all just a little creepy. He utterly lambasts you in the forums, in a way which is outright rudeness rather than any intelligent argument or breakdown of your points, then contacts you inworld, after a few beers, to apologise.
    Looks to me like he has a bad case of old dude trying to be hip and cool. Obviously to impress the coolest chick around! :)
    I just laughed again at the whole peace and love and drugs stuff; and the I PARTY, man!
    As you know, I'm a baby boomer, but I generally try to avoid pretending i iz wikkid innit.

  5. The peace and love and drugs and party thing was weird. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out I dislike parties, I won't touch any drug stronger than weed or salvia, I don't loev everyone, and peace...well I do like peace.

  6. Not so sure about the peace part since he threatened on the sl forums, "Magnus you would be smacked around like the Girlie man You are".
    I didn't find that funny, not when it's my 13yo god-daughter who phoned me to point it out.
    He's had a go at me in other threads too.
    I said creepy, now I'm just thinking - weird.

  7. To steal from xkcd "No one likes you and you're possibly autistic" probably applies here.

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