Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rezday blues

My rezday is coming up on Wednesday and I'm all depressed. I haven't accomplished much, I've made some friends and lost some friends but SL is just the same as its always been. I'll have been here 5 years this March. I can't believe I've wasted half a decade on this crap. I don't know why I still do it. I've come to loathe how SL has evolved and I don't know if subconsciously I think I can change it or something but I barely bother to log in any more. Even my rezday isn't much of a reason to log in, I mean, the kind of friends I keep don't do the whole "Lets throw a big annoying party at a crappy dance club!" thing, which every other day of the year is awesome because I can't stand the kind of people that find stuff like that fun or cool but a part of me still feels left out. I guess its my same rp/wedding/primbabby envy I get...I wish I could enjoy that shit like everyone else but I really can't stand any of it.


  1. I guess its my same rp/wedding/primbabby envy I get...I wish I could enjoy that shit like everyone else but I really can't stand any of it.

    Lots of people can't stay away from the pressure of the social rules. They do those things even not being sure if that's what they really want. Some of them regret, but say to a few, few ones, because the unempathic "how come are you so unhappy, if you've done what you're supposed to do with your life", is what they find usually when they share their vital anxiety.

    But you know that you don't want to do those things. Why should you? Do you think that being "normal" will make you happier?

    Enjoy your independence, your freedom. "Common people" will try pushing you, make you feel miserable if you don't stand by the social rules. But, while you're under the law, why should you stand by other rules that are not done for you.

    You won't be as accompanied as the "normal" people are, but that's something to be questioned too. Do you really need it?

    It's hard resisting the pressure, but it pays in the long term. And no matter what idiots say, the world needs people like you.


  2. Sounds like you recognise the lame ceremony but wouldn't say no to the attention anyway. Wtf? It's like celebrating the day you signed on with your friggin ISP.

    Related thought.. Is this weird concept of a "rezzday" acknowledged in WoW and other online worlds?

    "Happy birthday, I didn't get you a present...Oh, mom got you one? Well, that's from me then too, unless it's shitty."
    -Sam Halpern

  3. Hi Daria...dont be blue!! I'm 3 years on in Sl totally lost at moment with it..but me guts believe itz still an edge of experience thing and got somewhere to go. We gotta be part of it shit an all..Brab

  4. Yeah, I'm coming up for my 4th and having a party (I'll send you an invite) and my fave musicians are gonna play for me, but I could easily give it a miss.
    Had to laugh at Alec, it really is like celebrating the anniversary of joining your ISP.
    I think sl becomes more isolationist the longer you are on here. I mean, once you have met every variation of boring moron, it kinda means you only hang out with people who aren't, and there are SO few of them!

  5. When I first read your posts on the SL blog I thought you were a bit tough, unnecessarily, but you also talk a lot of sense and cut through the crap, so, I didn't jump to any one conclusion. The more I read the more I respect you though. You are an important voice and I will definitely follow your words with great care. I had an avi for over 3 years but changed it for creative reasons as I wanted a new name associated with my RL creative practise. I never had a rez day at all, it didn't interest me and it never will. SL has always been a moron magnet, it is good to know there are a few smart people out there who are alive and kicking, and sometimes screaming.