Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Will the real "Joe" please stand up.

So some asshole on Flickr decides to threaten me under the name "LolCatzz"

here we are once again.....a dude with a female AV.....really dude your cock is hanging out...I have a idea!! why not get a job and a life and not a SL account...btw how is that 7 day ban going?? I made sure it will be perm soon so I hope you get to keep your lil memories as these will be some of your last ones on that account....enjoy the new perm banning coming soon :D your friend Joe !! 

First off:
I'm not your friend, buddy 8D
Second. Who the hell is Joe? Its getting kind of annoying to see all of these internet tough guys posting anonymously about how awesome they are and how evil I am and how they hold the sekrit key to the internet to get me banned forever. I mean, sack up dudes. If you claim to be so powerful and able to get me banned forever, why don't any of you at least leave your name? Will knowing your identity eliminate all of those 1337 haxx0r powers or something?

And with that, I'm going to be getting rid of anonymous commenting on the blog. It was funny for awhile but there are just too many retards on here now.


  1. I am so curious, I may look you up (no threat LOL) get me a front row ticket and find out how dangerous you really are.. Do you kick them in the balls or something? Do you outwit them inworld? Or do they just have very small penises? WTF is wrong with these people? (or you?) *grin*

  2. you say things that most people are afraid to say, probably scares the hell out of the ones that end up threatening you...they know they can't outwit. personally, i heart you...keep it up!