Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why am I a wierdo magnet? Or am I?

It seems every time I make a (somewhat negative) social observation a shitload of people will be like "Oh I've never come across anything like that. Maybe you're hanging with the wrong people/places" Its doubtful. I go to the same places as everyone else. I'm pretty sure that either the aforementioned people either refuse to believe the existence of whatever I'm talking about and block it out or they're the exact people I'm talking about. Like when I'm talking about "ronery housewives" the part of the peanut gallery that says "Nuh uh! There are no housewives! I've never met one. If they exist you're just in the wrong places" tend to be the "ronery housewife" types. So am I just a wierdo magnet that hangs in all the wrong places and all the fucked up people flock to me or are people just unwilling to believe that there are/they are fucked up people.


  1. No, your not the only one who sees the crazies! I for one am sick of people trying to make me their boyfriend after like.. talking -twice-.

    Anyways been following yer opinions on the SL front page and finally came to check out the blog. I dig your bluntness and honesty!

    Despite what the "joe's" say, keep doin' what your doin ;D

    Names Xavorin Whitesong in SL when your ban's up if yer ever bored (also revealed so I'm not all anonymous!)

  2. I can only judge this from your posts on blogs.secondlife and the things you write here. It seems to me you're very perceptive. It also seems to me you speak your mind when it comes to your observations. And you seem passionate about your opinions.

    So I'm afraid you are one of the few, that can see clearly how fucked up just about everyone is. That scares people. And people react in various ways to that.

    Am I on to something here?

  3. People are unwilling to believe that others see them as fucked up people. It is one of the trials of life.

  4. @June
    Why is that? I mean, I know I'm fucked up. I am very much aware that people see me as a bit off and some even think that the world would be a better place if I was in a rubber room or chucked off a cliff.

  5. Everyone is someone else's weirdo.

  6. Agreed with Magnus. Also, I know I'm nuts too, but that doesn't mean many others weren't taught from a very early age that they're "special" people and deserve everything in the world, everyone's tolerance of their crap included.

    I was not taught this way, it was one of the many things my parents did right(though they fucked up enough). The whole seeing clearly why people are fucked up came from my Dad, don't know where you got yours but it is one of the reasons I read you all the time.

    The other is that you bring the lolz :).