Friday, July 9, 2010

Where did all the puritans go?

I keep hearing the phrase "puritanical community" yet its been a long time since I've heard anyone go all nutso conservative on anyone. (Dogbutt, Milhouse, and Pepsi aside)
Adult content policy doesn't seem to really be "keeping the brothers down" as far as I can tell from a consumer standpoint (I haven't been a merchant in 3 years give or take) nothing has changed. You have to put in a DLN to get there, big deal. You don't even have to use yours. had a workaround posted until it closed down.
Child av policy hasn't changed much. The cool ones, the annoying as fuck ones, and the pedo ones still seem to be around. Granted a lot of people wish for child avs to be banned from Zindra/Ursula/Whatever they decided to call it, but how many kid avs are there anyway? The only ones I've seen so far were the pedo kinds, and they got AR'd and booted fairly quickly (seriously, don't put "I is 8 wear olds ands i wikes bondage" in your profile. Thats like a darwin award for pedos. Only maybe a halfstep above Swirlface)

Gor, Dolcett, and Vore are still there.
The illustrious 3 headed hellbeast doberman you can make secks to is still there
LGBT community is still there.
Crackwhore homeless herion neko-alien-hybrid babyfurs are still around.
Where'd they go? Did Eternal Creations just buy so many sims that now all of these supposed puritans don't really even need to leave the estate and can have their happy-go-lucky christian-land without bothering anyone else or is it just a mindless last minute defense against anyone's opinion?


  1. Well... The fact that you had to list a couple names as an aside should indicate that they're either on rotation, tag teaming, or coming back as alts. (^_^)y

  2. its not about being christian its about being decent and true to yourself - yout head is so far up your ass you have lost the plot.

  3. Who the F cares. But I did find it rather amusing that one of the google ads was for Puritan's Pride Vitamins

  4. "nutso conservative? Do you really think of me in that way? I thought I was more of a pedantic old fart in your view.

    Pep (*is* somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan, politically, of course.)

  5. Easy. They all got alts and are being leashed around zindra in their prefered latex colour.

  6. If the "nutso conservatives" cant be seen around, better for everyone, why even invoke them ?

  7. Dunno. Was kinda what my comment was about. I keep hearing "omg puritans!" yet I never see these mythical PTA moms trying to THINK OF THE CHILDRENZ!!!1

  8. thread disappeared..too many peanut gallery peeps gettin' marginalised, I guess.