Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm thinking about getting a Twitter account but I don't know if I want it to be RL, SL, or both. If I go with RL I'm so not giving it to you guys and if I do it SL it might get boring and if I do both then I'd have to figure out a net handle since obviously my name isn't Daria and I'd have to go completely retarded before I allow any of my RL infos to be released to the net creeps of SL.
Maybe I'd go with KittySpooge or something.


  1. I do both under my sl name...but I don't post personal stuff...unless you count hobbies outside sl as personal stuff. Twitter is fun in it's way, I see it as more of a way to keep updated on bloggers and such that I like then a status update sort of thing.

  2. I'd probably end up doing some amount of personal stuff if it isn't exclusively SL. I just hope I'm not the asshole thats like @Steve Thanks for the buttsex

  3. Go for it, I twit and, I thought I'd start blogging. Nothing like a rant when you're an old fart :)