Monday, July 12, 2010

Suspiria is being a bit of a cunt...

..on the subject of TPVs.

It seems that its impossible to even recommend using a non-V2 client without her going on a complete bitchraeg about how we're all just Skills Hak alts who talk to promote the usage of a bad client that will still our passwords and kill kittens. If someone complains (even a real newb) that "halp mah sl is teh hard" she slams them with "WELL YOU'RE JUST TOO DUMB TO FIGURE IT OUT!!!! DONT USE 1.23!!!!" You know what, fuck that. Its like listening to an Apple fanboy constantly go on about how every problem in the world would be solved if we all used an iMac. People aren't even taking her seriously any more I don't think. She's drank too many Prok flavored FlavorAids to be able to say anything of merit. I'm not as big of an Emerald fangirl as I once was. Now I'm more of a "meh, it works" stage than how I used to be all "EMERALD WILL CURE CANCER!!!" As V2 based clients start adding in new and shiner stuff, there will be a point where if there is enough GUI hacking I might switch from Emerald to K20 (I rarely use offical Lindenware) or even the addition of a 1.23 GUI as an optional skin would be nice. But your client is not what defines you. There is no V2 or KirstenLee or RLV or Emerald or Imprudence (well maybe Imprudence) conspiracy. They're all tools for the same basic thing. If someone says "V2 is teh suck plz halp" and someone suggests something else, its not a call to feed, its a question. In ye olde days I remember vividly "1.19 is teh suck plz halp" and the reply would be "try the Dazzle RC!" and then later "Try Cool Viewer!" or "KirstenLee!" (omg, back then without Kirstens Viewer I would have been a sad kitty.) And the same if someone were to say "Halp Emerald is teh suk" I'm sure there would be a bunch of "Try K20!" or "Try Imprudence!" type replies.

Fangirlism for anything other than Doctor Who is for complete fags and if you partake in this faggotry you should feel bad about yourself for the rest of your next 2 online sessions.

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