Saturday, July 3, 2010

sex now yes ?

I got bored earlier so I decided to make a Brasiliasaurus avatar.

Horrid shape - check
Huge alpha glitching hair too big for head - check
Transparent top - check
Belt for shorts - check
Crappy freebie collar - check
Tacky clicky shoes - check
Xcite clit dangling .5 metres away from body with tacky pirecing - check
Copybotted redgrave skin found at some freebie place - check

Houston, we are good to go. First item on the agenda: Free sex place. I get there and as soon as I rez, I am instantly swamped by guys who think I'm the hottest thing since Nintendo64. Most IMs consisted of "lets sex?" so I decided to have a little fun. I answered back "mm yes sex nize. need fuck?" and they would tp me. They'd plop on a poseball without removing clothing...giant freenis over their jeans and I'd plop down on a poseball while they just chatted "this nize. mmm" over and over and right when they said "okay i making cum" I put on a giant bull penis (courtesy of Ishy <3) and switch the poses and laugh at the reaction. Then one dude was turned on by it and it killed it for me.

tl;dr I lol'd


  1. You know, I looked for it but since I'm not a complete fag, there were none in my inventory.