Monday, July 5, 2010

Regarding that club

Okay, people keep asking about the vamp club. I don't think I'm going to be managing it any time soon. The first chick I talked to made it sound like I pretty much got the job but she had to talk to her liege or whatever the fuck they're called in Bloodlines and so I IM'd her and she said there were "other people she was also considering" (read: her rp sister/boyfriend/some other person she knows) and that in the next 2-3 days she'd IM me to set up a formal interview. Well, I IM'd her 3 days after nothing and got no reply. And then I IM'd her again a few weeks later with no reply. So I'm guessing she gave it to her SL daughter or something like that and completely forgot that she said she was going to send me an interview. It happens a lot in SL. I'm not all that upset. A bit disappointed but I wasn't all that excited about it to begin with.


  1. Hey! Noone cares if you dont get a job and that your bitching about it on a blog is really pathetic. This isnt a journal website nor is a fucking twitter so get that stick up your ass because noone cares about you Daria Afterthought.
    Have a great day emo girl

  2. Its a blog. A blog is a place on the internet for people to play god and bitch about mundane bullshit. So I must ask: Why so anon? :D

  3. Hey! Anonymous - you care enough to specifically visit Daria's blog to moan about what she has written. That seems like a lot of care, bit of effort, mouse clicking and stuff. I totally hate morons who say things like "Hey I typed 'porn' into google and I was like totally grossed-out by the hits I got". The best way of showing Daria you don't care is to not bother reading her blog, her page, you know, the thing she can write on like twitter or whatever she likes, really. You can get one too, you just have to grow a pair and use your name.

  4. Anonymous..why dont u go stick your head up your ass and sneeze..this is a blog for Daria, not a bitch can for you.

  5. Anonymous wrote " This isn't a journal"


    Blog :n.
    a type of *online diary* that someone makes available to other people on the internet. (A very popular way to communicate one's personal details without any social interaction.)