Thursday, July 29, 2010

LL did good. For reals!

LL sent me this:

Hi Daria Afterthought,
We are writing to let you know that we removed some content you had in Second Life under our Intellectual Property Policy. For a list of the specific content we removed, please see the "IP Complaint Details" below at the bottom of this email.
When we receive an intellectual property complaint, we investigate it and look for copies of the content identified in the complaint. Our investigation found that you had some of this content. We replaced the content with generic placeholder item(s), as described in our FAQs on our Intellectual Property Complaint Process.
If you weren't aware of an intellectual property issue, don't panic or take it personally! Just take steps to avoid content that may have intellectual property issues. Here are some tips to protect yourself and keep your inworld shopping safe and fun.
Many thanks for your interest in Second Life.
-- The IP Team at Linden Lab

Content Removed:
  • Skin Rihanna - REDGRAVE [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • FELICIA [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • DINA [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • LUCY [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • BRIDGET [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • skin rac estefany [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • AMBER 1 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • AKISHA [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • SOFIA [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • ALISON [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • BOOKE [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • LUCIE [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • angela [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • skin rac estefany 2 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • NICOLE [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • angela 1 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • MILA [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • KAREN [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • SUSAN [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • JULIE [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • LUCIE 1 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • skin rac estefany 1 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • AMBER [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • LUCIE 2 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • AMY [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • ISABEL [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • ANNA [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • PHOEBE [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • PHOEBE 1 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
*If animations were removed, the replacement animation may be in your HUD or animation override (AO).
Looks like someone finally complained about some stolen Laq and Redgrave skin. Good. I didn't rip them, I'm guessing they were in one of my many FREE SKIN - NIZE LEGAIS folders that a friend sent me when I first created the account. I should probably log in and scour my inventory to remove all of the forgotten CABELLO LORIO LEGIAS and FREE SKIN NIZE REDGRAVEs. Actually, I should probably do an inventory clean anyway, its starting to get bloated, but I digress. But, I am glad to see LL take the initiative to remove stolen content, especially in this way. Now, you'd think I'd be mad, they removed some stuff I owned. I had forgotten they existed tbh, and so has many people who receive these sorts of freebies. This is a way more proactive way of curbing content theft: Not only removing the copy from the person who stole it (and probably banning them) but removing every copy that was sold or given to someone. It may not be fair to the dude who bought it thinking it was legit, or the random noob who it was given to, but IRL if you purchase stolen merchandise, even unknowingly, the cops will confiscate it if they locate it.

So I'm giving my person Colbert-esque "Tip of the Hat" to LL, for actually doing something about IP rights. Not only have these items been removed from the inventories of people like me who got them as a noob but just forgot, but also its removed from every other person trying to sell or distribute these items illegally. Had I been a Redgrave fan (and you can ask anyone about my opinion of them) I might be pissed off that it was gone, but I'm not, so I don't. You'd think the protection of Redgrave would irk me, and while I still think Redgrave is part of the cancer killing SL, if this is a step towards eliminating fraudulent items and protecting IP rights, I'm all for it.

This probably sounded really dumb so
tl;dr LL found some long forgotten crap, removed it from the grid, hooray for IP.

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  1. They did this to me too a couple days ago for some VA animations! I sent VA an email about an AO, not sure if this was the direct result, but yayy