Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Female pecking order and SL Forums

Anyone who has watched Bad Girls knows there is a female pecking order established in prison. This happens in male prisons as well, but its much simpler and tends to be just "punch, take smokes, prove coolness." In any social situation of 3 or more women, a pecking order is established. Its a completely retarded concept I tend to refuse to be in, so I tend to end up as "bottom feeder weirdo" for my lack of participation. Since I try to avoid other women like the plague to begin with, this rarely affects me. However, for the past...oh maybe 4 months or so..I have noticed whenever a new female poster comes around who does not play their cards like everyone else (Contribute to a thread somewhat intelligently or start a thread asking about something in a serious manner) they proceed to "battle" (read: needlessly flame) me or Susperia. No provocation, just flamewaring for the sake of flamewaring. I don't understand why this happens, other than just to establish the pecking order. The thing they never seem to realize is, and I can't speak for Susperia, but for the most part, I don't give a shit. I'll flamewar a bit for fun but its not like I'm holding some position as "top dog" and its not like I would care if someone else was. None of this shit really matters. I consider pecking order completely useless and more of a reason why I weep for my gender in RL, why the hell would I participate in it in SL? I may never understand why other women feel the need to do so in RL, but whats the point of doing it in SL? If you're "top dog" of the women in the forums, what can that get you? At some point it just seems like falling back on an old cliche to make women look bad to everyone else, even though those involved don't understand why. Its like eating bonbons or always watching soap operas....pecking order is silly, cliche, and useless. Especially on the internet.


  1. pecker positioning is integral to any group dynamic.
    /me glances over my shoulder

  2. Hilarious. I deal with women all the time and I swear they can be their own worst enemies. Since I'm a male I like women and they tend to treat men much better than fellow females at time however there are MANY exception to the women we are talking about thankfully.

  3. I've met one exception to the rule. And she's cool. Probably the first female friend I've ever had. And I'm not saying that in an emo way, I typical avoid contact with women whenever possible. I stopped wanting to deal with the retarded bullshit long ago. The only thing worse about when pecking order is established is that once its done, all they talk about is reality tv.

    This may sound like I'm a douchey frat boy, but I let the ladies come to me. And it works for the most part. If I can immediately tell they'll annoy me or they're braindead, I tell them to go away. It doesn't matter how nice they are or come off, because anyone can be nice. Nice isn't all that matters. I'm sure Hitler was a nice fellow to his friends and people he wanted to impress.

    And that has worked so far. I like that one girl. Cuse she's cool. She nerd rages a lot and has the same dislike for the "typical female" as I do.

    And no, it doesn't make me a fail feminist to hate these types I think because being a feminist is about empowering yourself to be on the same equal level as a man, and a bunch of retards who can't stop giggling about American Idol and bitch at you for having opinions about anything important in the world are bringing the rest of us down. How can we expect to be considered equal to men if we're constantly acting braindead? I mean, in a group chat, if there is a discussion about anything controversial, a bunch of dudes will be talking about it. If I join in, even just to say "Oh totally. I agree" I will get jumped on to stfu and take it to private chat. Not by men being all "get back in the kitchen woman!" but by other women who feel its improper for such a discussion to happen. Its like they don't even realize that I popped in on an already active discussion on the topic. The only difference is, I'm a woman, and the other participants are male.