Sunday, July 11, 2010


A long time SL friend just had her babby taken away. She's been in protective custody for a few months and now its finalized that she'll be fostered by a different family. My friend is a pretty cool girl but I understand CPS's concerns. She lives in government dorms in SF and has bipolar and her husband has issues as well. I told her that it might be the best thing for everyone and that the new family seemed nice enough which is like a million times awesomer than what usually happens in this situations and that it might give her and her husband a chance to work on their financial situation and continue to work on the emotionals and it will give the new family a very sweet little girl (that quite frankly is already smarter than some SL Forum goers) and it could give the babby a brighter future. And she has visitation rights which is pretty cool. So its kind of bittersweet. It might really blow to lose a child but at the same time it could be a godsend for all involved.

I hope my friend and her husband can get through this shit, I hope the babby grows up well, and I hope the new family can raise the cute little babby they couldn't have.

(and you thought I was incapable of sympathy)


  1. I just wanna know wtf a "babby" is?