Thursday, July 29, 2010

LL did good. For reals!

LL sent me this:

Hi Daria Afterthought,
We are writing to let you know that we removed some content you had in Second Life under our Intellectual Property Policy. For a list of the specific content we removed, please see the "IP Complaint Details" below at the bottom of this email.
When we receive an intellectual property complaint, we investigate it and look for copies of the content identified in the complaint. Our investigation found that you had some of this content. We replaced the content with generic placeholder item(s), as described in our FAQs on our Intellectual Property Complaint Process.
If you weren't aware of an intellectual property issue, don't panic or take it personally! Just take steps to avoid content that may have intellectual property issues. Here are some tips to protect yourself and keep your inworld shopping safe and fun.
Many thanks for your interest in Second Life.
-- The IP Team at Linden Lab

Content Removed:
  • Skin Rihanna - REDGRAVE [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • FELICIA [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • DINA [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • LUCY [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • BRIDGET [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • skin rac estefany [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • AMBER 1 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • AKISHA [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • SOFIA [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • ALISON [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • BOOKE [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • LUCIE [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • angela [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • skin rac estefany 2 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • NICOLE [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • angela 1 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • MILA [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • KAREN [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • SUSAN [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • JULIE [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • LUCIE 1 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • skin rac estefany 1 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • AMBER [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • LUCIE 2 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • AMY [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • ISABEL [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • ANNA [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • PHOEBE [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
  • PHOEBE 1 [Inventory of Daria Afterthought]
*If animations were removed, the replacement animation may be in your HUD or animation override (AO).
Looks like someone finally complained about some stolen Laq and Redgrave skin. Good. I didn't rip them, I'm guessing they were in one of my many FREE SKIN - NIZE LEGAIS folders that a friend sent me when I first created the account. I should probably log in and scour my inventory to remove all of the forgotten CABELLO LORIO LEGIAS and FREE SKIN NIZE REDGRAVEs. Actually, I should probably do an inventory clean anyway, its starting to get bloated, but I digress. But, I am glad to see LL take the initiative to remove stolen content, especially in this way. Now, you'd think I'd be mad, they removed some stuff I owned. I had forgotten they existed tbh, and so has many people who receive these sorts of freebies. This is a way more proactive way of curbing content theft: Not only removing the copy from the person who stole it (and probably banning them) but removing every copy that was sold or given to someone. It may not be fair to the dude who bought it thinking it was legit, or the random noob who it was given to, but IRL if you purchase stolen merchandise, even unknowingly, the cops will confiscate it if they locate it.

So I'm giving my person Colbert-esque "Tip of the Hat" to LL, for actually doing something about IP rights. Not only have these items been removed from the inventories of people like me who got them as a noob but just forgot, but also its removed from every other person trying to sell or distribute these items illegally. Had I been a Redgrave fan (and you can ask anyone about my opinion of them) I might be pissed off that it was gone, but I'm not, so I don't. You'd think the protection of Redgrave would irk me, and while I still think Redgrave is part of the cancer killing SL, if this is a step towards eliminating fraudulent items and protecting IP rights, I'm all for it.

This probably sounded really dumb so
tl;dr LL found some long forgotten crap, removed it from the grid, hooray for IP.

Twitter 2

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Female pecking order and SL Forums

Anyone who has watched Bad Girls knows there is a female pecking order established in prison. This happens in male prisons as well, but its much simpler and tends to be just "punch, take smokes, prove coolness." In any social situation of 3 or more women, a pecking order is established. Its a completely retarded concept I tend to refuse to be in, so I tend to end up as "bottom feeder weirdo" for my lack of participation. Since I try to avoid other women like the plague to begin with, this rarely affects me. However, for the past...oh maybe 4 months or so..I have noticed whenever a new female poster comes around who does not play their cards like everyone else (Contribute to a thread somewhat intelligently or start a thread asking about something in a serious manner) they proceed to "battle" (read: needlessly flame) me or Susperia. No provocation, just flamewaring for the sake of flamewaring. I don't understand why this happens, other than just to establish the pecking order. The thing they never seem to realize is, and I can't speak for Susperia, but for the most part, I don't give a shit. I'll flamewar a bit for fun but its not like I'm holding some position as "top dog" and its not like I would care if someone else was. None of this shit really matters. I consider pecking order completely useless and more of a reason why I weep for my gender in RL, why the hell would I participate in it in SL? I may never understand why other women feel the need to do so in RL, but whats the point of doing it in SL? If you're "top dog" of the women in the forums, what can that get you? At some point it just seems like falling back on an old cliche to make women look bad to everyone else, even though those involved don't understand why. Its like eating bonbons or always watching soap operas....pecking order is silly, cliche, and useless. Especially on the internet.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Duplo are baby blocks!

I just saw an ad for Duplo blocks and they were talking about how they help with motor skills for tiny hands or some shit like that, and the two kids in the ad were like 7-10. Um. Duplo are baby blocks. Seriously. You talk to any kid over the age of 5 and they'll inform you quite forcefully that Duplos are for babies. Stop coddling the kid and give them some real Legos damnit!
This was really long winded and dumb and has nothing to do with anything but SL is being boring and RL is being mostly normal except for my gay date that went kinda weird that I'm too lazy to blog about.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm thinking about getting a Twitter account but I don't know if I want it to be RL, SL, or both. If I go with RL I'm so not giving it to you guys and if I do it SL it might get boring and if I do both then I'd have to figure out a net handle since obviously my name isn't Daria and I'd have to go completely retarded before I allow any of my RL infos to be released to the net creeps of SL.
Maybe I'd go with KittySpooge or something.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gee it sure is boring in here.

I'm bored. And I went on a weird date last night I may or may not blog about.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Woohoo haircut 8D

I got a dykecut! I love dykecuts. One day I will be queen of the bykes with my little dykecut. 8D

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Amy died.

My fish died. Well, he's missing actually. I've poked the entire aquarium with a stick and can't find him. Its been 3 days so I'm going to guess he became food for the other fiddy. What color should I get next?

My first one was cornflower blue, then I had a cream, then a red, and then another red, and then Amy was a bicolor red/violet. If I can find a true purple one like this that would be awesome but I think those are ones you have to get from a breeder.

Not human. Or cat.

Someone sent me a long drawn out rant about how I have no humanity and they hope they never become a soulless creature like me.
I think I'm fairly human. And I think I have a soul.
I asked if I was perhaps a cat and they just told me to fuck off and die for the good of the world.

Really, I don't get that. I might not seem like the most sympathetic person in the world but its mostly because I can tell when people are full of shit. I can tell the difference between real human suffering and someone just blowing smoke out of their ass for attention and to hear "I feel for you sister!" I welcome cynicism for a reason: there is a lot of bullshit in the world. There are a lot of attention seeking emo kids, a lot of scammers, a lot of people who cry for the spotlight, people who lie, cheat, and steal to advance in life. And once you recognize these useless turds, you give them the boot. Why don't I show sympathy and love for my fellow abuse/neglect victims on SL? Because they need actual help. The escapism of SL will make you feel better in the short term only.

There are so many stories and examples I can share but this is my most recent in world encounter with such shenanigans. Some chick that was partnered to another chick I had kinda met once or twice would constantly harp on about how she has a brain tumor and doesn't know how long she has left to live. Every once in awhile she'd let slip that she doesn't actually have one. She'd go on and on about how she needs every moment of everyone's time because she doesn't know how long she has left and blahblahblah. And if you reminded her that she's admitted to saying it was fake and you have the chatlog she'd GO ON A BIG FUCKING EMO RANT ABOUT HOW MEAN AND EVIL AND WORSE THAN HITLER YOU ARE BECAUSE OMG HOW CAN YOU NOT BELIEVE HER AND WHAT SHE SAID DOESNT MATTER CUSE SHES SAYING THIS NOW and it was just a big headache.

Why do people feed into this bullshit? WHY?!?! I mean, sure you get a warm fuzzy feeling from thinking you're helping someone in need...but I'd rather help someone in actual need and not some attention seeking phony on the internet. I do go down to the grocery and buying a couple sammiches for the homeless dudes hanging around by the freeway. I listen to my friends' problems and try to help them through it. But I don't listen to the same screwed up story again and again on the internet when it clearly reeks of bullshit. There have been times where I've believed stories on SL! Its true! Why? Because they actually sounded true! It surprises me that so many people can't tell the difference between someone venting in distress and someone obviously just trying to get attention or monies. And for some reason I feel more human, and not less, for knowing this.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why am I a wierdo magnet? Or am I?

It seems every time I make a (somewhat negative) social observation a shitload of people will be like "Oh I've never come across anything like that. Maybe you're hanging with the wrong people/places" Its doubtful. I go to the same places as everyone else. I'm pretty sure that either the aforementioned people either refuse to believe the existence of whatever I'm talking about and block it out or they're the exact people I'm talking about. Like when I'm talking about "ronery housewives" the part of the peanut gallery that says "Nuh uh! There are no housewives! I've never met one. If they exist you're just in the wrong places" tend to be the "ronery housewife" types. So am I just a wierdo magnet that hangs in all the wrong places and all the fucked up people flock to me or are people just unwilling to believe that there are/they are fucked up people.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Meh. Whatev

My ban was extended until the 27th. Figures.

Will the real "Joe" please stand up.

So some asshole on Flickr decides to threaten me under the name "LolCatzz"

here we are once again.....a dude with a female AV.....really dude your cock is hanging out...I have a idea!! why not get a job and a life and not a SL account...btw how is that 7 day ban going?? I made sure it will be perm soon so I hope you get to keep your lil memories as these will be some of your last ones on that account....enjoy the new perm banning coming soon :D your friend Joe !! 

First off:
I'm not your friend, buddy 8D
Second. Who the hell is Joe? Its getting kind of annoying to see all of these internet tough guys posting anonymously about how awesome they are and how evil I am and how they hold the sekrit key to the internet to get me banned forever. I mean, sack up dudes. If you claim to be so powerful and able to get me banned forever, why don't any of you at least leave your name? Will knowing your identity eliminate all of those 1337 haxx0r powers or something?

And with that, I'm going to be getting rid of anonymous commenting on the blog. It was funny for awhile but there are just too many retards on here now.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Suspiria is being a bit of a cunt...

..on the subject of TPVs.

It seems that its impossible to even recommend using a non-V2 client without her going on a complete bitchraeg about how we're all just Skills Hak alts who talk to promote the usage of a bad client that will still our passwords and kill kittens. If someone complains (even a real newb) that "halp mah sl is teh hard" she slams them with "WELL YOU'RE JUST TOO DUMB TO FIGURE IT OUT!!!! DONT USE 1.23!!!!" You know what, fuck that. Its like listening to an Apple fanboy constantly go on about how every problem in the world would be solved if we all used an iMac. People aren't even taking her seriously any more I don't think. She's drank too many Prok flavored FlavorAids to be able to say anything of merit. I'm not as big of an Emerald fangirl as I once was. Now I'm more of a "meh, it works" stage than how I used to be all "EMERALD WILL CURE CANCER!!!" As V2 based clients start adding in new and shiner stuff, there will be a point where if there is enough GUI hacking I might switch from Emerald to K20 (I rarely use offical Lindenware) or even the addition of a 1.23 GUI as an optional skin would be nice. But your client is not what defines you. There is no V2 or KirstenLee or RLV or Emerald or Imprudence (well maybe Imprudence) conspiracy. They're all tools for the same basic thing. If someone says "V2 is teh suck plz halp" and someone suggests something else, its not a call to feed, its a question. In ye olde days I remember vividly "1.19 is teh suck plz halp" and the reply would be "try the Dazzle RC!" and then later "Try Cool Viewer!" or "KirstenLee!" (omg, back then without Kirstens Viewer I would have been a sad kitty.) And the same if someone were to say "Halp Emerald is teh suk" I'm sure there would be a bunch of "Try K20!" or "Try Imprudence!" type replies.

Fangirlism for anything other than Doctor Who is for complete fags and if you partake in this faggotry you should feel bad about yourself for the rest of your next 2 online sessions.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


A long time SL friend just had her babby taken away. She's been in protective custody for a few months and now its finalized that she'll be fostered by a different family. My friend is a pretty cool girl but I understand CPS's concerns. She lives in government dorms in SF and has bipolar and her husband has issues as well. I told her that it might be the best thing for everyone and that the new family seemed nice enough which is like a million times awesomer than what usually happens in this situations and that it might give her and her husband a chance to work on their financial situation and continue to work on the emotionals and it will give the new family a very sweet little girl (that quite frankly is already smarter than some SL Forum goers) and it could give the babby a brighter future. And she has visitation rights which is pretty cool. So its kind of bittersweet. It might really blow to lose a child but at the same time it could be a godsend for all involved.

I hope my friend and her husband can get through this shit, I hope the babby grows up well, and I hope the new family can raise the cute little babby they couldn't have.

(and you thought I was incapable of sympathy)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Where did all the puritans go?

I keep hearing the phrase "puritanical community" yet its been a long time since I've heard anyone go all nutso conservative on anyone. (Dogbutt, Milhouse, and Pepsi aside)
Adult content policy doesn't seem to really be "keeping the brothers down" as far as I can tell from a consumer standpoint (I haven't been a merchant in 3 years give or take) nothing has changed. You have to put in a DLN to get there, big deal. You don't even have to use yours. had a workaround posted until it closed down.
Child av policy hasn't changed much. The cool ones, the annoying as fuck ones, and the pedo ones still seem to be around. Granted a lot of people wish for child avs to be banned from Zindra/Ursula/Whatever they decided to call it, but how many kid avs are there anyway? The only ones I've seen so far were the pedo kinds, and they got AR'd and booted fairly quickly (seriously, don't put "I is 8 wear olds ands i wikes bondage" in your profile. Thats like a darwin award for pedos. Only maybe a halfstep above Swirlface)

Gor, Dolcett, and Vore are still there.
The illustrious 3 headed hellbeast doberman you can make secks to is still there
LGBT community is still there.
Crackwhore homeless herion neko-alien-hybrid babyfurs are still around.
Where'd they go? Did Eternal Creations just buy so many sims that now all of these supposed puritans don't really even need to leave the estate and can have their happy-go-lucky christian-land without bothering anyone else or is it just a mindless last minute defense against anyone's opinion?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Godomot Daria

I landed myself a 7 day ban from SL for "trolling/flaming/spamming" Godfuckingdamnit. This displeases me quite a bit. I didn't have anything going on though in world so its not too terrible, but I do get pissed when the emos cry to the mods. You'd think most people would be grown up enough to handle whatever you'd call me instead of feeling the need to always go cry to teacher/mommy about things. Also I'm pretty sure I know who cried too.

BTW: I'm not banned from the forums. At least I don't think so. Its possible. But I doubt it. Because Jive is dumb.

I should have known >_< derp

Retar-D'OH got rejected by the flogfags so if any of you still want to play it here it is:

And the full 1800x2100:
Seriously. Some people don't have any sense of humor. Although I'm guessing whoever AR'd it probably would fill up the board in just one post.

I has a pretty picture :D

Look at my pretty picture :D
I got it done by sophy Violet and she is kickass so you must give her your monies otherwise you won't be as awesome as me. Seriously. I love my pretty picture 8D

Monday, July 5, 2010

Regarding that club

Okay, people keep asking about the vamp club. I don't think I'm going to be managing it any time soon. The first chick I talked to made it sound like I pretty much got the job but she had to talk to her liege or whatever the fuck they're called in Bloodlines and so I IM'd her and she said there were "other people she was also considering" (read: her rp sister/boyfriend/some other person she knows) and that in the next 2-3 days she'd IM me to set up a formal interview. Well, I IM'd her 3 days after nothing and got no reply. And then I IM'd her again a few weeks later with no reply. So I'm guessing she gave it to her SL daughter or something like that and completely forgot that she said she was going to send me an interview. It happens a lot in SL. I'm not all that upset. A bit disappointed but I wasn't all that excited about it to begin with.

I know I know

I am aware I'm not writing much lately but there really isn't anything going on at all. I might end up just doing a fashion review or something if current events remain boring.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

sex now yes ?

I got bored earlier so I decided to make a Brasiliasaurus avatar.

Horrid shape - check
Huge alpha glitching hair too big for head - check
Transparent top - check
Belt for shorts - check
Crappy freebie collar - check
Tacky clicky shoes - check
Xcite clit dangling .5 metres away from body with tacky pirecing - check
Copybotted redgrave skin found at some freebie place - check

Houston, we are good to go. First item on the agenda: Free sex place. I get there and as soon as I rez, I am instantly swamped by guys who think I'm the hottest thing since Nintendo64. Most IMs consisted of "lets sex?" so I decided to have a little fun. I answered back "mm yes sex nize. need fuck?" and they would tp me. They'd plop on a poseball without removing clothing...giant freenis over their jeans and I'd plop down on a poseball while they just chatted "this nize. mmm" over and over and right when they said "okay i making cum" I put on a giant bull penis (courtesy of Ishy <3) and switch the poses and laugh at the reaction. Then one dude was turned on by it and it killed it for me.

tl;dr I lol'd

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another crappy blog.

I've been asked to write on an IRL-oriented blog. Dunno if I want to do it or not. Thoughts?