Saturday, June 26, 2010

The term troll is overused.

On the forums the term troll is overused. Personally I believe trolls to be 10 post alts whose sole existence is to piss people off. Yet people keep using troll to mean:
  • Person I don't like
  • Person I don't agree with
  • Person who is showing RAEG, drunk posting, or general dumbassery
  • Batshit insane person who is serious as all fuck and doesn't "get" why people just can't see the commies are after us.
Kids, we need to fix this. The above asshats are not trolls. They are just dumbfucks. Trolling is something else. Although trolling is not terrorism as some would like to believe, its trolling. People need to learn that whenever someone does not fit into your little box of what you consider "right" that they are not just trolling or spamming. They may be flaming, but you do not need to be a troll to flame. Flaming is just showing an intense amount of RAEG in a way that degrades a conversation into mindless drivel (usually consisting of "fck u!" "u wishlol i fukkd a lut") So please, think of your dignity. Do you really want to look like the lady on the news who is always like "That 12 year old toilet papered my home so I'm pressing charges and hoping for the death penalty" Do you seriously want to be the stuck up bitch who overreacts to everything? Needs less emotional thinking, more rational.


  1. fine. be that way.
    stop being such a fcuking troll.

    kidding! You're right - and I misuse troll as much as possible. But it's all part of a master plan - because very occasionally i have been known to bait and humiliate trolls - so they need to think i am clueless.

    *looks around suspiciously*

    btw - i am by no means a gushing fangirl, but I like the way you speak in the forums - you say what you want unapologetically and don't suffer fools gladly. you seem to laser through the bullshit. good on you.

  2. Trolling is a lost art, and I'd venture further to suggest that many/most users of the SL forums have never even seen *proper* trolling being conducted, it's simply a catchphrase they overheard.

  3. Agreed. I think IvanTard is the closest any of them have come to seeing a board get trolled.

  4. Ivan is an excellent troll. I personally love his newest thread where he claims it is his first day on SL. ^_~

  5. If you wish to know about trolling, speak with the regulars at Ahern, and they will gladly show you examples of trolling.

  6. @Anonymous No, that's the terminology problem this article is all about. Annoying dickheads are to trolls what a plumber is to a pastry chef.

    Apples and oranges..