Friday, June 18, 2010

Politics in SL

I'm finding increasing difficulty in trying to talk about politics in SL to the point I can't even listen to the conversation/read the forum thread. People are so immature and militant. Which is kinda to be expected I guess, but what I don't expect is the weird shit so many people believe. Its incredible how many SLians think the fluoride in the water is a communist plot, vaccinations will give you autism, Obama is a secret commie socialist Kenyan Muslim, liberals want to euthanize children (probably the weirdest one I've heard), gun control is a secret plot to allow the Muslims to take over the country, health care reform is going to kill old people, financial reform is going to turn us into commies, and them there illegals are trying to destroy Merikuh and should be shot on sight. I mean, I knew most of SL were on or needed happy pills, but the extent of it just amazes me. When I heard people talk about these conspiracies before, I had always thought it was a small minority of ultra rightwing anarchists (to counter balance the freelove hippy communes) who either truely believed this or were just trying to stir up fear. SL seems to bring these types out of the woodwork. I have always thought that right or left, most people had a fairly sane set of beliefs. (Yes I will admit, the left is stuck with vegans. There are no excuse for vegans) Anyway, I've gotten to the point why bother trying to voice my opinion. Its just gonna get drown out with a bunch of teabaggers screaming COMMIE!


  1. The internet turns people into conspiracy theorists. I know because i've seen secret evidence that proves world governments are in cahoots with ISPs to flash subliminal messages when people are surfing the net. The purpose is to get people so engaged with random conspiracy theories that they ignore what government is really doing.
    You have been warned!

  2. You;re right about the vegans. That's just attention whoring, and unhealthy as hell besides.
    I skip the political posts when I am scanning the blog in reader. Safer for my brain.

  3. I can get not wanting to eat meat. and I get wanting to eat organic. But veganism is just pretentiousness. Anyway, I've never seen a vegan that has said no to a Snickers. And I'm pretty sure those are processed, pasteurized, preservative filled, and contain animal byproducts.

  4. Generally I don't talk politics, mostly for the reasons you mention above, unless it's with people I know and trust. I don't think it is just sl, some overheard rl conversations have had me scrambling for my MP3 player in case I start laughing out loud. I blame the politicians, no-one in the UK trusts them now after their expenses scandals, so people have started to believe the idiotic ramblings of "ordinary" people "just like them" on the world wide whinge. Let's face it, many people (like the ones who believe the crap on the internet) are too stupid to understand politics properly, so what would be the point of discussing it with them? I mean, The Sun is the biggest selling newspaper in the UK and they try to keep the word count down so it doesn't bore their readership: many of whom wear white tracksuits, think pitbull terriers are cute, have children with several different surnames and think blacking out the windows on their cars (with more wattage than an ACDC concert) looks cool. The one major drawback of democracy is that a sizeable percentage of the electorate have no basic understanding of the issues which political parties stand for.