Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fear thy banhammer

I keep getting region banned from places for things I say in the blog/forum. I'd request people stop. I also accept this post probably will generate more bans than ban list removals. I thought it would be worth a shot though. I'd also request that those with sim powers stop being so damn easily offended. You do know ban lists have a limit right? I mean, prioritize you guys.

Also, shop owners: Your sim managers keep region banning me. If you want my spacebux, bitch to them. I don't seem to be parcel banned from anywhere really. Theres one shop that I got parcel banned from for something I said. But for the most part it seems to only be sim owners who keep getting shocked and appalled.

People + power = retardation.


  1. I need your sign-off line on a T-shirt. I mean it is a a crazy generalisation but it is also so dead right.

  2. Yes, it's so easy to click a few buttons and is quicker than growing some balls, culturing a few brain cells and posting in reply to anything they might disagree with. I don't agree with everything you post, but at least you stick your head above the parapet and say as you find. Check this out, he explains it better than me.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKyIw9fs8T4

  3. People become butt-hurt over brutally honest comments.'Nuff said.

  4. aahh the old "king of the castle" routine.

    Yep, I have been a multiple ban button twitcher in the past not so much for things I say in a forums, God forbid, I can't fart without being trolled! Or even telephoned in my own home and told "I am sick of seeing your name in the forums!!" wouldn't mind, but I think I've posted 200 posts in 6 years! lol )
    No, I used to ban customers who openly shared textures AT my store "oh, don't buy them I already have some... here, have these"
    Then I may of banned some OTT customer who was threatening to AR me because her textures hadn't been delivered and she had waited 5 minutes already etc etc
    In time I began to think: "sheesh! I need to apply a little "the customer is always right" policy here or I'll have none left.
    Thank God for Elizabeth Tinsley she has the patience of a saint and can handle the most stressed out people with calm and dignity.

  5. Ah yes. How is our resident butthurt welfare whale anyway? She's been quiet as of late. I wonder if her disability checks stopped covering internet access. Not a big loss there. I mean, it is kinda sad when you collect disability and other welfare perks for morbid obesity. I hope shes left you alone. I get tired of the ultra crazy (everyone in SL is batshit, some are just on a whole different level) Dealing with Milhouse, Pepsi, and Humpboy has been no picnic either. I'm barely in SL anymore.

    Do note: this is a drunk post. When I sober up, if I find it stupid, it will be gone. So read it fast people just in case ^____^