Monday, June 14, 2010

Elf is the new Neko

I keep seeing elf ears everywhere and less of that faggy grunge homeless bum neko stuff. The elf ears look just as dumb. ESPECIALLY the ones with plugs. Plugs are dumb. Especially when you know the person behind the av is a 40 year old woman who scowls at people with unusual piercings in the mall irl. SL, my faith in you has long been gone, but this new fad is crappy. Although I do admit now that neko is going out of style, I don't feel all that out of place wearing normal clothes with non-"dirty" cat ears. Maybe this could be good. I dunno. I still think that the whole League/Curio skin + huge pierced elf ears with plugs getup is so unoriginal and just plain dumb looking.

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