Friday, June 4, 2010

Don't play with scissors.

I got really really bored and there was scissors so I started cutting my hair and now I have an uneven mullet. I feel like the speshul kid that can't have scissors and we don't talk about why. I'm sure this is evidence I'm completely retarded. Or at least riding the short bus.


  1. Pfft nonsense. You're in excellent company.

    There's Billy Ray Cyrus, there's prok, there's this dude, and no telling how many SL people sporting a fine mullet IRL.

    It's probably due to become stylish again anyway, so think of yourself as a trendsetter.

    (..with an achy breaky heart..)

  2. how lucky we are that you blog all about your retardation

  3. You totally pwn'd me there. I mean, except the whole I have no clue who you are so the fact someone outside my small circle of friends actually reads my blog makes me warm fuzzy inside. Oh and the whole every time you post here to bitch you bump my ad revenue.