Friday, June 11, 2010

Die fag die.

Milner is back and trollin.

I was on your blogger page and found it to be a hate page towards homosexual people as you used the slang word in it often so as my legal right i do have the option of reporting it as i did. Just wanted to let you know its not right to make fun of people like that. I myself am straight and love only women and I dont go and make fun of them and neither should you. Well thats only my opinion.

He can fuck off. I'm really tired of people picking a fight with me. My enemies (for lack of a better term) should really follow in my footsteps and ATTACK RAWR when provoked. Gotta be like the Fonz and play it cool. Otherwise people just think you're a crazy hate mongering troll.


  1. This is still a bit grammatically challenged, but doesn't sound like the usual Milhouse gibberish.

    I call imposter.

    With the redundant assurances of his TOTAL straightness, it seems far more likely your language has unearthed a latent gay male who doesn't appreciate you dissin' his peeps.

    Since you're in touch with the gay scene.. perhaps you can help whoever it is through this difficult transition, and maybe even wind up as best buddies?

  2. It could be Pepsi. Pepsi always sounds like a slightly more literate Milhouse.

    And no, I have no idea how to help him out of the closet. Coming out is a highly personal thing that happens different for each person.

    And if the dude wanted to be my friend, being emo offended and pounding the "report blog" button is the wrong way to start.

  3. Hope Google realizes he's being a tard. More proof that PC bullshit is alive and well.

  4. I had never really thought of "fag" as a word for gay men to begin with. All of my peers growing up had always used it to mean jerk or douchebag. I've noticed a lot of my generation use it to mean douchebag. Confuses the hell out of baby boomers who still think it means gay dudes.
    This ^^

  5. You don't seem to be posting much on the SL blogs lately, which is a pity

  6. I've been busy with RL landia. Also, nothing anything has perked my interest. Soccer and END OF SL posts are just...meh.

  7. Good for you for saying, posts of late have been boring doom mongering rubbish or pages of does God exist. I don't think LL is going tits-up and it's up to you if you believe in the guy upstairs or not, I don't wanna hear about it. More on topic... I am of a generation that thinks fag is a derogatory term for gay, although not a common term in the UK, but language changes through time and Milner is a moron. Look up Mary Whitehouse on wiki for Milhouse's Brit equivalent, another I'll decide what is best for you idiot. Btw, "can I bum a fag?" is a common question from beggars in London, and although its meaning is very different, it would probably be met with the same two-word response in the US.

  8. Yeah but the sammich is bacon. your choice of condiment is?

  9. If the sammich is bacon, mayo or butter will suffice. A southwestern spread is ideal.