Saturday, June 26, 2010

The term troll is overused.

On the forums the term troll is overused. Personally I believe trolls to be 10 post alts whose sole existence is to piss people off. Yet people keep using troll to mean:
  • Person I don't like
  • Person I don't agree with
  • Person who is showing RAEG, drunk posting, or general dumbassery
  • Batshit insane person who is serious as all fuck and doesn't "get" why people just can't see the commies are after us.
Kids, we need to fix this. The above asshats are not trolls. They are just dumbfucks. Trolling is something else. Although trolling is not terrorism as some would like to believe, its trolling. People need to learn that whenever someone does not fit into your little box of what you consider "right" that they are not just trolling or spamming. They may be flaming, but you do not need to be a troll to flame. Flaming is just showing an intense amount of RAEG in a way that degrades a conversation into mindless drivel (usually consisting of "fck u!" "u wishlol i fukkd a lut") So please, think of your dignity. Do you really want to look like the lady on the news who is always like "That 12 year old toilet papered my home so I'm pressing charges and hoping for the death penalty" Do you seriously want to be the stuck up bitch who overreacts to everything? Needs less emotional thinking, more rational.


Why is every little thing EVIL and the END OF SL. Why does everyone flip the fuck out when something stupid happens. The grid would be a better place without the constant mass hysteria.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Defriended IRL

I'm thinking of IRL defriending a good friend of mine (known to this blog as Mr. Jew, named as such by Alec) because he got me into a small car accident today. It was a little bit more than a fender bender but no one got hurt, but I don't feel safe with him due to his lack of ability to drive. He always goes 90 on the freeway (144 for you non-merikunz) and cuts like 6 people off at once and jams across the double yellow no matter what kind or road or how much traffic is on it and I always used to nag him when I was dating him that he's gonna end up getting pulled over and he was always like it hasn't happened yet so it probably won't and then he ends up hitting a car with a lady and baby inside. And his car is pretty much totaled and he was just like "its fine...we'll still go up to long beach" and I was like fuck no I am not driving to long beach with you, especially not when the hooptie is totaled. He never even offered me a hug and he left me in the car for 20 minutes without the window cracked. And when I got out of the car he yelled at me cuse he set the alarm on it. Fuck him, I mean, if he has no regard for his safety or mine in the slightest he can go fuck off. I'm tired of arguing with him all the time as well. He's like a kid with ODD on crack sometimes with his persistent challenging of everything anyone says. If you told him the sky was blue he would argue its a colorless void that appears the color of the current amount of sun reflecting off the ocean and grass and the prism effect from the atmosphere or whatever. I'm just sick of his bullshit. I liked him a lot better when we just got high and watched tv. He still thinks that there was no conceivable reason at all for me to have broken up with him a month ago.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Has the banhammer been weld on Jumpy?

Well, has it? He's been gone since 6/13, his land appears abandoned, and has been very quiet. Has LL finally done the AWESOME thing and banned the dude more ghetto than section 8? Cuse that would be nice. Although his lack of basic communication skills was kinda funny to watch. Some dude asked me about him and I was like wut and then it was like ohahaa

Monday, June 21, 2010



I started playing Tiny Empires yesterday. I have around 30 acres and I'm Nil Thespia. :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

Politics in SL

I'm finding increasing difficulty in trying to talk about politics in SL to the point I can't even listen to the conversation/read the forum thread. People are so immature and militant. Which is kinda to be expected I guess, but what I don't expect is the weird shit so many people believe. Its incredible how many SLians think the fluoride in the water is a communist plot, vaccinations will give you autism, Obama is a secret commie socialist Kenyan Muslim, liberals want to euthanize children (probably the weirdest one I've heard), gun control is a secret plot to allow the Muslims to take over the country, health care reform is going to kill old people, financial reform is going to turn us into commies, and them there illegals are trying to destroy Merikuh and should be shot on sight. I mean, I knew most of SL were on or needed happy pills, but the extent of it just amazes me. When I heard people talk about these conspiracies before, I had always thought it was a small minority of ultra rightwing anarchists (to counter balance the freelove hippy communes) who either truely believed this or were just trying to stir up fear. SL seems to bring these types out of the woodwork. I have always thought that right or left, most people had a fairly sane set of beliefs. (Yes I will admit, the left is stuck with vegans. There are no excuse for vegans) Anyway, I've gotten to the point why bother trying to voice my opinion. Its just gonna get drown out with a bunch of teabaggers screaming COMMIE!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hunting D:

I used to love to SL hunt but now it kinda sucks. The shop owners are making the boxes so hard to find it hardly seems worth it, if a sim owner has banned you as some personal vendetta you can't get into half of the rented shops, and out of 200 stuff you only ever find 15 things that are worth keeping. I wish there was a hunt entirely of things which do not suck and where shop owners don't make things impossible to find. Seriously. Hunting should be fun like camp scavenging, not sucky like a manhunt.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Elf is the new Neko

I keep seeing elf ears everywhere and less of that faggy grunge homeless bum neko stuff. The elf ears look just as dumb. ESPECIALLY the ones with plugs. Plugs are dumb. Especially when you know the person behind the av is a 40 year old woman who scowls at people with unusual piercings in the mall irl. SL, my faith in you has long been gone, but this new fad is crappy. Although I do admit now that neko is going out of style, I don't feel all that out of place wearing normal clothes with non-"dirty" cat ears. Maybe this could be good. I dunno. I still think that the whole League/Curio skin + huge pierced elf ears with plugs getup is so unoriginal and just plain dumb looking.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Die fag die.

Milner is back and trollin.

I was on your blogger page and found it to be a hate page towards homosexual people as you used the slang word in it often so as my legal right i do have the option of reporting it as i did. Just wanted to let you know its not right to make fun of people like that. I myself am straight and love only women and I dont go and make fun of them and neither should you. Well thats only my opinion.

He can fuck off. I'm really tired of people picking a fight with me. My enemies (for lack of a better term) should really follow in my footsteps and ATTACK RAWR when provoked. Gotta be like the Fonz and play it cool. Otherwise people just think you're a crazy hate mongering troll.

Its from Canadia, eh?

Trailer Park Boys theme song should so be the Sims 1 buy mode. Amirite?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Why can't I find doctor who porn >:|

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fear thy banhammer

I keep getting region banned from places for things I say in the blog/forum. I'd request people stop. I also accept this post probably will generate more bans than ban list removals. I thought it would be worth a shot though. I'd also request that those with sim powers stop being so damn easily offended. You do know ban lists have a limit right? I mean, prioritize you guys.

Also, shop owners: Your sim managers keep region banning me. If you want my spacebux, bitch to them. I don't seem to be parcel banned from anywhere really. Theres one shop that I got parcel banned from for something I said. But for the most part it seems to only be sim owners who keep getting shocked and appalled.

People + power = retardation.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Don't play with scissors.

I got really really bored and there was scissors so I started cutting my hair and now I have an uneven mullet. I feel like the speshul kid that can't have scissors and we don't talk about why. I'm sure this is evidence I'm completely retarded. Or at least riding the short bus.