Thursday, May 13, 2010

(yet another) Open Letter to LL

These seem to be all the craze right now.

Dear Linden Lab-

Why over the years has Second Life started to suck, the software getting more and more buggy, the "new" Lindens being useless, Livechat also being useless, and the "new" and "innovative" additions to Second Life sucked?
You should really fix the suckage and the useless. Its not good for business. Listen to the lost profits. If you made things suck less, and the staff more useful, things would be awesome and make more monies. Monies are good.

- Sincerely
Daria Afterthought.


  1. Dear LL,

    My SL sux! I would leave, but more and more people are joining and the economy keeps growing so I can't work out why my SL sux, but I think this is going help me so please read.

  2. Signed :) More money for the residents, less money for LL. I liked that better.

    (Back when I earned the big money, I also worked big time. Now I don't work at all anymore. But I still like to complain that my revenue is less than it used to be).

  3. I fucking hate 'Open Letters to LL', but i'll give yours 9/10 compared to all the usual ranting, long-winded, drama-filled, OMFG!!THE SKY IS FALLING!!!111ELEVEN!!!11 efforts for keeping it short and using the word "suckage".