Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This is why Hair Resize scripts are the devil and will rape your wife and kill your children.


I know you're all tired of chat log posts, but seriously, read this one. Its srs bsns. I love Dr. Life skins and hair but this guy is being a fag. Ishtara gave me the log on yahoo so no ToS violations going on here mkay.

[2010/05/18 12:44]  Gaius Luminos: (Saved Tue May 18 18:22:50 2010) Ok..so in your 'review' ypu first say the hair isnt modifyabel..then you say it is (which of course it is)...then a line of cvomplete drivel about how the resize scripts collapse a sim....not that anyone in their right mind would believe such rubbish, but i am curious as to what exactly the motivation was here? Perhaps you'd care to fill me in. p.s..publishing the real stats above your 'review' shortly.
[2010/05/18 13:08]  Ishtara Rothschild: It seems that the hair styles have different poermissions. Before I wrote my review earlier on, I bought the hairstyle "Yuyan". It is copy / no mod / no transfer, and it's resize scripted.
[2010/05/18 13:08]  Ishtara Rothschild: Just now I bought two more hairstyles (Dora and MissLong) which are indeed modifiable
[2010/05/18 13:09]  Ishtara Rothschild: Usually, hair artists are consistent in their work. They either sell everything modifiable or everything no mod but scripted
[2010/05/18 13:09]  Ishtara Rothschild: In this case, I will change my review of course, as soon as I know which ones are modifiable now? I can't buy them all for 450 L$
[2010/05/18 13:11]  Ishtara Rothschild: If there are only a few vendors with resize scripted no-mod hair, like the Yuyan style, I can delete those and use the rest. But I'd need to know which hair comes in which permissions
-- Instant message logging enabled --
[17:50]  Gaius Luminos: (Saved Wed May 19 02:33:29 2010) ?
[17:51]  Ishtara Rothschild: Yeah, that's what I thought too. Let's recapitulate: 1. I buy vendors. Ad say copy + mod
[17:51]  Gaius Luminos: all our hairs are resizeable
[17:51]  Ishtara Rothschild: 2. I rez vendor. Buy hair. Hair in my inv says no mod
[17:51]  Ishtara Rothschild: Comes with resize scripts instead
[17:51]  Ishtara Rothschild: Laggy resize scripts.
[17:51]  Gaius Luminos: they have been for the last 4 years
[17:51]  Ishtara Rothschild: During resizing, script time goes up to 595 ms
[17:52]  Gaius Luminos: abd NOBODY,, not a SINGLE PERSON ouit of our 200 plus customers, has EVER complained about the resize scripts EVER
[17:52]  Ishtara Rothschild: Your common avatar with scripted shoes, AO, various HUDs and all the rub uses up 1 ms of script time / CPU cycle.
[17:52]  Gaius Luminos: 2000*]
[17:52]  Ishtara Rothschild: This spikes up to 595 ms
[17:53]  Ishtara Rothschild: That means the sim I resize my hair in (or my customers, who would probably do that in my shop) suffers as much lag as if I had 595 avatars there
[17:53]  Ishtara Rothschild: Of course your customers don't complain!
[17:53]  Ishtara Rothschild: They think it's the sim that lags!
[17:53]  Ishtara Rothschild: Who complains are sim owners.
[17:53]  Ishtara Rothschild: And if they can't tp, which I tried and couldn't with this hair.... took three tries at least every time....
[17:54]  Ishtara Rothschild: ...then they're going to blame LL
[17:54]  Ishtara Rothschild: resp. the oh so laggy grid
[17:54]  Ishtara Rothschild: Anyway, I can't sell anything that turns my customers into walking DOS attacks
[17:55]  Ishtara Rothschild: I saw that some hair styles are not resize scripted. I'm fine with those.
[17:55]  Ishtara Rothschild: I just need to know which ones.
[17:55]  Gaius Luminos: thats crap and you know it
[17:55]  Ishtara Rothschild: That is not crap

[17:55]  Ishtara Rothschild: And YOU know that.
[17:55]  Gaius Luminos: yes it is...its complete bullshit
[17:55]  Ishtara Rothschild: Talk to LL
[17:56]  Ishtara Rothschild: What do you think why they will soon introduce script limits per avatar?
[17:56]  Gaius Luminos: every goddam hair manufacturer in sl purts resize scripts in theirt hair..do yo ulive in a box or something?
[17:56]  Ishtara Rothschild: Which means that products like this won't work anymore.
[17:56]  Ishtara Rothschild: No.
[17:56]  Ishtara Rothschild: Few do, actually
[17:56]  Gaius Luminos: lol
[17:56]  Ishtara Rothschild: All the big and decent designers, such as TRUTH, don't.
[17:56]  Gaius Luminos: rubbish
[17:56]  Ishtara Rothschild: Stop weaseling around this and insulting me now.
[17:57]  Ishtara Rothschild: I bought your product, I can't use it this way.
[17:57]  Ishtara Rothschild: What are we going to do about this?
[17:57]  Gaius Luminos: how dare you profit from our product, and dis us in print at the same time...
[17:57]  Ishtara Rothschild: I profit from your product? I paid you 5500 and 3 times 350, in case you didn't notice
[17:57]  Ishtara Rothschild: Anyway
[17:57]  Ishtara Rothschild: Let's resolve this now, ok?
[17:58]  Ishtara Rothschild: Simple question: Can you please tell me which hairs are copy + mod?
[17:58]  Gaius Luminos: your selling the hairs..i see it in my transaction recordfs..stop lying
[17:58]  Ishtara Rothschild: Stop insulting me. I bought three from my own vendors
[17:58]  Ishtara Rothschild: In order to see the permissions
[17:58]  Ishtara Rothschild: Simple question: Can you please tell me which hairs are copy + mod?
[17:58]  Ishtara Rothschild: Yes or no?
[17:58]  Gaius Luminos: stop insulting me, and trying to affect my livelihood, whilst profiting from me
[17:59]  Ishtara Rothschild: I won't buy them all. That'll cost me 15k
[17:59]  Ishtara Rothschild: 17k, actually
[17:59]  Ishtara Rothschild: Simple question: Can you please tell me which hairs are copy + mod?
[17:59]  Ishtara Rothschild: Otherwise this talk ends now, you go on mute and I rewrite my review accordingly.
[18:00]  Gaius Luminos: yes..it ends now..i don't repond to threats....of any kind....
[18:01]  Ishtara Rothschild: Good. Then we're clear. YOur product is unusable for me, and the resize-scripted lag bombs are also unusable for everybody else and will soon stop working when script limits are introduced. My review shall reflect this. Goodbye.
[18:01]  Gaius Luminos: go away yopu're a complete lunatic.
[18:03]  Gaius Luminos: and stop selling our product..if you dont like it, you shouldnt be profiting of it...which i will clearly include in my review
[18:05]  Gaius Luminos: we'rer not clear..you're atroublemaker , a liar and someone who threatens people.
[18:05]  Gaius Luminos: go away and dont come back
[18:06]  Gaius Luminos: oh..and acomplete hypocrite.
[18:07]  Ishtara Rothschild: I didn't threaten you in any way. All I've asked for is a list of the hairstyles that are copy and modifiable, without resize scripts. Those are the only ones I can sell. If you can give me the names of 20 styles that I can sell, we're square
[18:07]  Ishtara Rothschild: I did not ask for a refund or anything else
[18:08]  Gaius Luminos: look..we have 25 reseller clients..who all sell our hairs with no copmplaints..not one
[18:08]  Gaius Luminos: from customers, sim owners, or anyone else
[18:08]  Gaius Luminos: nobody
[18:08]  Ishtara Rothschild: Because they don't know what your product does to a sim. I own a sim. I ban people with such script time numbers, and I tell them why.
[18:09]  Gaius Luminos: not one..in hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sales...
[18:09]  Gaius Luminos: nobody
[18:09]  Ishtara Rothschild: If you don't own a sim, you probably won't care.
[18:09]  Gaius Luminos: only you
[18:09]  Gaius Luminos: rubbish
[18:09]  Ishtara Rothschild: Your customers don't know why they can't tp
[18:09]  Ishtara Rothschild: And why lag follows them whereever they go
[18:09]  Ishtara Rothschild: Look in the forums. There are thousands of threads about this.
[18:10]  Gaius Luminos: yes..there are also thousands of complete morons talking trash on the forums, just like you
[18:11]  Gaius Luminos: but of course, because its a 'comment' on a forum, about pigshaving wings, then it must be true, yes?
[18:11]  Gaius Luminos: pffft
[18:12]  Gaius Luminos: i go by reality...3 yerars  , thoiusands of sales...zero complaints..thats real..not some couch potato making up rubbish on a forum to entertain themselves
[18:14]  Gaius Luminos: of course, you have a perfect right to say whatever you want..but dont sell my hairs if you dont like them, and did our company at the sametimer, thats immoral..if you dont like a product, then dont use it..its that dsimple
[18:14]  Gaius Luminos: dis*
[18:15]  Gaius Luminos: not interested in your silly claims about hairs blowing up sims, pls dont send me anything
[18:16]  Gaius Luminos: i'm interested in rewality
[18:16]  Gaius Luminos: reality*
[18:16]  Ishtara Rothschild: In case you don't know what this number means: The combined script time in my sim, a full sim, not a homestead, of 25 avatars and their attachments as well as all my vendors, sex beds and everything else in my sim, is approx. 90 ms
[18:16]  Ishtara Rothschild: Your hair.... one hairstyle... uses 595 ms
[18:17]  Ishtara Rothschild: Just to give you an idea.
[18:17]  Gaius Luminos: fantastic....you're an island of one.
[18:17]  Ishtara Rothschild: No. I carry 6 islands on my head when I wear this hair and resize it
[18:17]  Gaius Luminos: thast does not include anyone from our client base, for the last 4 consecutive years
[18:18]  Gaius Luminos: only you..i'm sorry, but my inate sense of reality tells me that your opinion is in a muliti thousand to one minority, based on what i have in front of me.
[18:19]  Gaius Luminos: i/e..everyone else thast has ever bought a hairs from us..including probably hundreds and hundreds of sim owners
[18:21]  Gaius Luminos: none.i repeat none of whom has ever brought anything even remotly substantive to my attention , to support your 'claims'..not one
[18:23]  Gaius Luminos: i will send you mod versions of your vendors...provided yuo wish to sell our hairs..if you dont want to sell them..then kindy don't.
[18:24]  Ishtara Rothschild: I only need copy- and modifiable hair. Without resize scripts. I saw that some hairstyles are that way. I only need to know which ones.
[18:24]  Ishtara Rothschild: That is all I'm asking for
[18:24]  Ishtara Rothschild: I will only sell the copy- and modifiable with low lag scripts (the haircolor changer doesn't cause much lag from what I saw)
[18:25]  Ishtara Rothschild: But I can only do that when I know which hairstyles these are.
[18:26]  Gaius Luminos: no...yu go by the same contract everyone else has....i'm not going to ask our creators to pick apart all 50 hairs in our catalogue..prim by prim, representing hundreds of hours of work, so that you can have a special edition, useless , unsizeable drlife hairs catalogue, that all your customers will complain about to me personally,, becasuse they cant resize it..thats ridiculous
[18:28]  Ishtara Rothschild: I'm not asking you to do that!
[18:28]  Ishtara Rothschild: You deliberately misunderstand me
[18:29]  Ishtara Rothschild: Some hairstyles DO HAVE these permissions!
[18:29]  Ishtara Rothschild: I just need to know which ones
[18:29]  Ishtara Rothschild: There are 49 vendors. I tried 3. 2 sold hair that was copy + mod
[18:29]  Ishtara Rothschild: One sold resize scripted hair.
[18:29]  Ishtara Rothschild: I need to know which ones sell copy + mod hair
[18:30]  Ishtara Rothschild: I want no changes. Only this bit of information. I want to know which vendors I can rez in my store with a clean conscience
[18:30]  Ishtara Rothschild: If I can use 10 or 15, I'm ok with your product.
[18:35]  Gaius Luminos: ok, well ifg it helps your concience, and again, on this sidfe, i'm looking at a zero issue balance sheet, from everyone who has ever bought a drlife hair from us, including sim owners, region owners, and almost cirtainly a linden or two in the mix....so i would have to say that based on those figures, that  (like everyone else in our reseller program...including, again, many sim owners and tech savvy businesspeople- that you can probably rez 'em all with a conciense that is as clear as a colorado mountain spring.
[18:36]  Ishtara Rothschild: Sorry, you and I both know that this is not true.
[18:37]  Ishtara Rothschild: You've seen the script time, you can test it yourself in your own sim in case you have one (I suppose you don't, else you'd be a bit more worried about the script performance of your products)
[18:37]  Gaius Luminos: look...i'm sorry but eigth grade was awhile ago for me..is there anything else?
[18:38]  Ishtara Rothschild: There you go again with the insults. Are you going to give me the list of copy + mod hair among these vendors?
[18:38]  Ishtara Rothschild: Yes or No?
[18:38]  Gaius Luminos: dont deliver ultimatums to me, and dont threaten me...ever.
[18:38]  Ishtara Rothschild: Ha :)
[18:39]  Gaius Luminos: ?
[18:39]  Ishtara Rothschild: I'd be most amused now if I had not lost 6400 L$
[18:40]  Ishtara Rothschild: Threats like yours are silly over the internet. That's why I don't stoop down to that level. You don't seem to notice that; I do not threaten you, I'm asking you for a list of the vendors that sell copy + mod hair, among those 49 vendors that I bought.
[18:41]  Gaius Luminos: thats all in your head...not a single other reseller in this program has lost anything..youre just seting yuourself up to do yoiurself out of extracting value from a product with some completly ludicroius pseudo roicket science , with not a word of corroboration from any of our other users....again if you dont wanna sell em., thats up to you...
[18:41]  Ishtara Rothschild: You can either give me that information... that is all I ask for, a mere information!... and have a satisfied customer, or you refuse to do so. That is all I need to know. Are you going to make me a happy and satisfied customer? If not, I see no reason to continue this dance
[18:42]  Ishtara Rothschild: Of coruse you could also refund me
[18:42]  Gaius Luminos: look,..,i 'm sorry, but i left my geiger counter in the truck....
[18:43]  Ishtara Rothschild: Ok, goodbye then. I've dealt with many merchants in SL, and haven't met anybody who treats his customers like that. As I said, my review will reflect that and also the usability of your products. That is not a threat, that's a fact. I don't make threats. Goodbye.
[18:44]  Gaius Luminos: you welcome....enjoy the hairs..everybody else in sl  has a gtrreat time with them..sorry it didnt work out for you
[18:45]  Gaius Luminos: great*
[18:49]  Gaius Luminos: i read your silly review its purile. read muy rebuttal.

I have no clue why the dude is being such a cunt about it. Either give the list or don't, but don't be a fag. Am I the only one that has noticed how much Dr Life has gone down hill? About a year ago I would swear by them but now their hair is looking kinda crappy compared to the older stuff and the skins are all blue. And now the CSRs are being dicks. This makes me emosad. Bring back old skoo Dr Life.


  1. Nice one Ish. Where's the link to the review?

  2. Dunno. When Ish wakes up I'll ask her for it.

  3. They don't get complaints because so few people in SL actually understand how crappy resize scripts are.

    People TP into a club with scripts for hair and boots and it ends up like you're walking in molasses.

  4. Here is the item: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=2235207

    I usually never give a negative rating. My original review had no rating at all, just the text. This is the first time I ever felt compelled to rate something with less than 4 stars.

    PS: Today, I found a counter-review under one of my item listings, after I received these messages inworld:

    [2010/05/19 8:25] Gaius Luminos: (Saved Wed May 19 07:06:15 2010) leave my business alone. this is how i support myself in rl.
    [2010/05/19 8:25] Gaius Luminos: (Saved Wed May 19 10:37:29 2010) hey hows this for ironic..i bought your wings, and the hud keeps crashing my browser....can you send me one that doesnt do that?
    [2010/05/19 18:50] Gaius Luminos: (Saved Thu May 20 01:05:00 2010) hi i need a replacement hud for this wings pls...doesnt work

    I sent him a replacement and tested it before, as I always do. But of course this was all about revenge. In his one-star-review, he claimed that the HUD of my wings crashes his viewer and deletes his inventory items. Too bad that I didn't copy the text, because LL was astonishingly fast with their response to my ticket and deleted the review by now. Many thanks to Dakota Linden.

    PPS: I can at least quote the ticket, perhaps it will help somebody in a similar situation some day:
    Ticket #: 4051-7768163
    Date Created: 5/20/2010 6:49 AM PDT
    Details: I've recently bought affiliate vendors which I believed to sell copy- and modifiable hair. As it turned out, much of it was no-mod and resize-scripted, with scripts in every single prim. The resize function causes script times of 595 ms (see attached screenshot), which I mentioned in my review of his affiliate kit.

    The seller contacted me inworld, insulted me repeatedly and basically threatened to take revenge. He has already bought one of my items and left a negative review just out of spite, with the fraudulent claim that my product deletes his inventory items and crashes his viewer: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=403179&allReviews=1

    What can I do? I didn't file an AR over his insulting and threatening IMs, but this is going too far now. Do I have to let him threaten me into changing my justified review?

    Comment(s): Hello ishtara rothschild,
    Thank you for contacting Customer Support regarding an issue with another Second Life resident.
    If you are being threatened in world please file an Abuse Report using the Help - Report Abuse option from the Second Life viewer menu.
    We have removed the review from your item listing.

    Dakota Linden
    Linden Lab
    Xstreet SL Customer Support


  5. thanks for the heads-up on this guy's wonderful attitude - with the gazillion-plus hair creators in SL, putting him on my personal mute list will be easy peasy. Even if he made the bestest hair in SL, I'd avoid his on principal. What a dick.

  6. oh look , he did something really really BAD. the link to the item Ish reviewed shows product"Unavailable for purchase" buuuuuut he added a new one hence breaking the do not delete and re-add items rule.
    May lord have mercy on his soul.


  7. Report it with the force of one thousand butthurt babyfurs?

  8. I am a DrLife reseller of some success and I had several run-ins with Gaius until I read him the riot act and went to Leena Ying about him (one of the chief designers/owners for DrLife). Leena was distressed and took over the account for him so I didn't have to deal with him anymore.

    Leena is a PEACH Ishtara, so if you have any more problems or concerns, go to her with them - she has gone out of her way in working with me. I wasn't surprised by that chat log.

    As far as sim lag, I own my sim on which my store is located (GROWL Apparel), so imma have to check things...

  9. If Gaius is such a dickhead, why does he still have the CSR job? Is he just the only person who espeekus teh engrish (cuse Leena has very bad English. Nice lady, just takes a few tries to hop the language barrier)or is he one of the designers or what?

  10. Gaius originated her reseller program, that whole business model, and she depends on him to work with the 'west'. Gaius has a line of clothes himself and is associated with a London fashion house name of ChiChi I think.

    Gaius can be alright, I think he can get his hackles up and be defensive BUT you CANNOT be that way with your own clients who resell for you.

  11. That was amusing and I only have one question, well two actually...

    Why do they not offer an option to kill the resize scripts once the item has been sized to fit?

    And wtf are "pigshaving wings"?

  12. "pigs having wings"

    a fantastical reference to something thats not 'likely'...

  13. Hah! As an estate manager and a scripter, I get *personally offended* when I find unremovable resize scripts in *anything*. If he needed corroboration, I'd test it myself and give him the thorough tongue-lashing he deserved.

    No mod, no buy.