Saturday, May 8, 2010

SL Forums

Is it just me, or are new posters a lot more facebook-y than they used to be? Always hoping for that brainless "lol i leik u" and getting mad when "their thread" goes a different direction than where they think it should go as if it was their wall. Whats next? Requests for people to harvest their sionChickens?


  1. Totally agree. It seems now that the definition of bullying on the forums is posting any reply that;

    1. Asks them to clarify in English what they are saying.
    2. Having the audacity to disagree with them.
    3. Pointing out that not only are they wrong, but a bigot etc etc.
    4. Not answering FUD.

    These people sit by their keyboard imagining a whole world where they are right and where things would be so much better if they ran it. The moment their ideas are taken out of their basement and exposed to the public and argued against their whole world view and concept of themselves falls apart; leading to much QQing and shouts of "Bully!", as they attempt to put their ego back together.

    Ask them to point to a thread where there was bullying out of the thousands of threads that now exist and they can't you show more than two or three, which to my mind is a good hit rate.

  2. Having been away for a week i was a little shocked at how school yard the forums seemed to have got when i check in on my return. I thought i'd just forgotten what it was like having spent a week with (relatively!) mature people in RL, but maybe it has got more facebook-y after all!

  3. /me tugs your pony tail and steals your GoGurt.

    Whats schoolyard about YOUR MOM? Suella is a poopyhead...Suella is a poopyhead...