Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pepsi Stalker: Day 2

God damnit. Why can't the crazies leave the non-crazies alone?

[2010/05/22 10:27]  Coke Supply: (Saved Sat May 22 07:12:38 2010) fuck you Daria. if you dont like what im you see then the answer is simple - dont fucking look my way
[2010/05/22 10:27]  Daria Afterthought: It would help a lot if you didn't follow me.
[2010/05/22 10:27]  Daria Afterthought: I know you've been stalking me
[2010/05/22 10:27]  Daria Afterthought: quit it
[2010/05/22 10:28]  Coke Supply: you are deluded Daria
[2010/05/22 10:28]  Coke Supply:
[2010/05/22 10:28]  Daria Afterthought: no, you are
[2010/05/22 10:28]  Daria Afterthought: you are the one who thinks 9/11 and vaccinations are conspiracies
[2010/05/22 10:28]  Coke Supply: whats a conspiracy, Daria?
[2010/05/22 10:29]  Daria Afterthought: a conspiracy is an alternate theory to the events of something that has taken place or is currently taking place
[2010/05/22 10:29]  Daria Afterthought: usually batshit insane
[2010/05/22 10:30]  Coke Supply: no, a conspiracy is when two or more people plan in secret to break the law
[2010/05/22 10:30]  Coke Supply: there is nothing insane about conspiracies
[2010/05/22 10:30]  Coke Supply: when people plan to rob a bank, its a conspiracy
[2010/05/22 10:30]  Coke Supply: im sorry if you feel it is insane
[2010/05/22 10:31]  Daria Afterthought: who do you think people are going to believe? me who a lot of legit creators and good residents trust, or you...fangirl of JumpMan and Milner the Pedo?
[2010/05/22 10:31]  Daria Afterthought: you're crazy
[2010/05/22 10:31]  Daria Afterthought: you're a stalker
[2010/05/22 10:31]  Daria Afterthought: go away
[2010/05/22 10:32]  Coke Supply: lmao how am i a stalker? you were the one following me around dark delights and writing blog posts about me
[2010/05/22 10:32]  Daria Afterthought: uh. I used to be with the chick at Dark Delights
[2010/05/22 10:32]  Daria Afterthought: my presence was required.
[2010/05/22 10:32]  Daria Afterthought: you've been following me around
[2010/05/22 10:33]  Daria Afterthought: I don't know how
[2010/05/22 10:33]  Daria Afterthought: but everywhere I go
[2010/05/22 10:33]  Coke Supply: and for your information, im quite sure people will believe me over your lies - one of the things that im most known for in SL is how honest and straight talking i am
[2010/05/22 10:33]  Daria Afterthought: you're there too
[2010/05/22 10:33]  Daria Afterthought: and it stops now
[2010/05/22 10:33]  Coke Supply: "everywhere"? do you have a list of these places, Daria??
[2010/05/22 10:33]  Daria Afterthought: people will believe me because I'm not the one making shit up
[2010/05/22 10:33]  Daria Afterthought: you're a liar
[2010/05/22 10:33]  Daria Afterthought: a stalker
[2010/05/22 10:33]  Coke Supply: ohhh i beg to differ lol
[2010/05/22 10:33]  Daria Afterthought: you're creepy
[2010/05/22 10:33]  Daria Afterthought: go away
[2010/05/22 10:34]  Coke Supply: lol tell you what Daria, stop writing lies about me and my friends and i will see about getting some medication for your hallucinations
[2010/05/22 10:34]  Daria Afterthought: I'm not writing lies. Other people saw the child porn website
[2010/05/22 10:34]  Daria Afterthought: the entire forum saw the things Jumpy did
[2010/05/22 10:35]  Daria Afterthought: I know of at least two people who have noticed you following me
[2010/05/22 10:35]  Coke Supply: i saw the site on the day it was created and on the day it was taken down, and most of the days in-between Daria, so try not to think your bullshit is working here, OK?
[2010/05/22 10:35]  Coke Supply: lol following you?? and how exactly do i do that, Daria??
[2010/05/22 10:35]  Daria Afterthought: of course you would deny the existance of a child porn site you were a part of >_<
[2010/05/22 10:35]  Coke Supply: "part of"?
[2010/05/22 10:36]  Daria Afterthought: I don't know /how/ just that I hoped never to see you're face again and almost every single club and store I've been to in the past month I've seen you
[2010/05/22 10:36]  Daria Afterthought: and I've let it slide because I figured we just liked the same clubs or something
[2010/05/22 10:36]  Daria Afterthought: and the same stores
[2010/05/22 10:36]  Daria Afterthought: since it could happen
[2010/05/22 10:36]  Coke Supply: and how did i know you were there, Daria? Hm?
[2010/05/22 10:37]  Daria Afterthought: I have no idea how the crazies do it
[2010/05/22 10:37]  Coke Supply: YOU could easily be stalking ME
[2010/05/22 10:37]  Daria Afterthought: yea except I don't stalk people I hate
[2010/05/22 10:38]  Coke Supply: besides, i have an online indicator that would tell me if you were in the same sim as me - and it has NEVER done that, except in two places - Dark Delights, and Isle of Lesbos
[2010/05/22 10:38]  Coke Supply: so again... how am I stalking you??
[2010/05/22 10:38]  Daria Afterthought: you put me inside an online indicator?
[2010/05/22 10:38]  Coke Supply: yes
[2010/05/22 10:38]  Daria Afterthought: if you weren't stalking me, why am I in one?
[2010/05/22 10:40]  Coke Supply: so stalking someone is a prerequisite for having their name in an online indicator?
[2010/05/22 10:40]  Daria Afterthought: someone you don't really know or aren't actually friends with...yea a bit
[2010/05/22 10:40]  Daria Afterthought: theres a reason why those online indicators are called "stalker tools"
[2010/05/22 10:40]  Coke Supply: i put names in there so it would tell me if you were in the same sim as me, not because i want to stalk someone
[2010/05/22 10:40]  Coke Supply: actually most of the other people in the HUD are friends
[2010/05/22 10:41]  Daria Afterthought: thats how its supposed to be
[2010/05/22 10:41]  Coke Supply: i put you there cos i knew you would try to get me in trouble with the sim owners in the places i go - just like you did last night, Daria
[2010/05/22 10:41]  Daria Afterthought: except for the many batshit insane people who use it to stalk others
[2010/05/22 10:42]  Coke Supply: daria, you come to a party im at and try and get me in trouble with the sim owner, i was actually AFK when you got there - is it even possible to stalk you if i was there FIRST, and was actually at the shop in RL when you arrived???
[2010/05/22 10:42]  Coke Supply: how is that stalking?
[2010/05/22 10:43]  Daria Afterthought: you've just admitted to tracking me!
[2010/05/22 10:43]  Coke Supply: so?
[2010/05/22 10:43]  Daria Afterthought: .....
[2010/05/22 10:43]  Coke Supply: daria, is it possible for me to find your location in-world?
[2010/05/22 10:43]  Daria Afterthought: yes. it is. with a tracking tool. such as the one you put my name in without my consent
[2010/05/22 10:43]  Coke Supply: becuase if it is, i have never heard of a way
[2010/05/22 10:44]  Coke Supply: no, my tool only tells me if you are in the same sim as me, so that i can tell the sim owners not to listen to your bullshit when you try to grief people
[2010/05/22 10:44]  Coke Supply: just like last night
[2010/05/22 10:44]  Daria Afterthought: how can I believe you?
[2010/05/22 10:44]  Daria Afterthought: you've lied out yer teeth before
[2010/05/22 10:45]  Daria Afterthought: and now you've admitted to tracking me
[2010/05/22 10:45]  Coke Supply: and by the way, i seriously doubt your new blog post will convince ANYONE that knows me that im a griefer, child molester or whatever other bullshit you think up
[2010/05/22 10:45]  Coke Supply: how did i lie? when did i lie?
[2010/05/22 10:45]  Coke Supply: no, it does NOT track you lol
[2010/05/22 10:45]  Coke Supply: it only tells me if you are online and in the same sim as me
[2010/05/22 10:45]  Daria Afterthought: take my name out of the tracker thingy
[2010/05/22 10:45]  Daria Afterthought: do it

...and then the region crashed and I haven't been able to relog. I know I'm not one for AR's...but can I AR her for this whole using stalker tools on me thing? Cuse this be creepy. Really creepy. And I want her to like...not do creepy shit any more. I'm tired of this game with the crazies. First I had Milner up my arse, then Coke, then Jumpy, and now Coke again, and probably Jumpy is going to come back. I'm sick of it. I don't want to play that game any more.


  1. /me hugs Daria

  2. I just left a comment on Coke's blog. I'll post it here too, just in case it's not approved over there (I have my doubts about the "comments are welcome" bit):


    Just chiming in to mention that I indeed banned you for your "9/11 Truth" tag. Like Daria, I found it very offensive. Not only because you wore it in a recreational area (a nude beach) where people don't want to constantly be reminded of the worst moments in RL history, but also because of the conspiracy theory behind it that is offensive in itself. You might as well wear the tag "Auschwitz Truth".

    But I admit that I was also a bit miffed that you fully support Milner's insane crusade and still hang out at Dark Delights, where I host content that is on his hit list. (Yes, the man is insane. He can't tell prim dolls from real animals and his attempts to "clean up" SL borders on a messiah complex. He's also clearly a paranoid schizophrenic in an advanced state. Heck, the guy can't even form coherent sentences anymore).

    You forgot to mention that you tp'ed Milner to DD after you saw Daria there, because you know that he has it in for Daria. Which was probably the same day you added her to your stalker HUD. You're also friend with Jumpy, another bat excrement crazy character and known griefer. Who also happens to have a beef with Daria and files fraudulent ARs in an attempt to get her banned, all over a comment she made on the forums.

    But back to Milner. His website targeted my sim and others, as well as Linden Lab and Second Life in general. He didn't have photos on his site that he took in my sim, but ripped copies of my vendor designs including text and logos. I also know that he repeatedly AR'ed my content for no good reason (so have others, which I am fully aware of too).

    During his forum appearance (ask ANY of the thread participants if Milner is crazy or not) it also turned out that he harrasses people in adult sims with a zoophilia theme, who aren't doing anything illegal or in violation of the ToS. There are no animals in SL, and sex dolls that resemble animals as well as artistic 3D renditions of zoophile acts are completely legal in the entire Western World.

    Apparently some of the people he harrassed did harrass back. Now he also has it in for Linden Lab and tries his best (which isn't much) to get the entire grid shut down. His website -- and I don't believe for one minute that he took it down himself, seeing how obsessed he was with this -- was the exact opposite of what he claims to be doing. If he would be interested in SL's wellbeing, he'd file ARs about any sexual rolplay that involves child avatars. RL porn in profiles is also a ToS violation that can be ARed as well.

    Linden Lab WILL remove such things, unless perhaps the abuse reporter is well known to file fraudulent ARs. As for my content, it is perfectly harmless and legal. It has been ARed by prim animal rights wingnuts for years and it's still around. Btw, I was greatly offended to see my content (again, my actual textures and logos, not a photo) thrown in with child porn. That borders on libel. I've never catered to sexual ageplayers or done anything illegal in SL.

    As a closing statement: You should tell Milner the same thing you told Daria, according to your chatlog: If he doesn't like zoophile SL content, don't fucking look at it.