Sunday, May 23, 2010

Okay! You caught me.

This woman thinks I am a child avatar.

 Seriously. I went to a girl bar and got interrogated about my SL age. I was like WTF cuse I don't look like a child by any means. I seriously hope this chick doesn't use herself as the litmus test for adulthood cuse I got news for her...

 Anyway. At the time I was wearing white pigtails and a blue dress. Not remotely childlike but a bit anime-ish. The place I was at was group only so I just kinda waited for a group invite and changed back into my normal clothing since I don't really like wearing dresses, its just what I had when I tp'd. anyway, when I went back to my black pigtail and shirt+jeans outfit she sent me the tag and said "thank you." And that was even more WTF. Like, really? My haircolor is all that separates me from the emo PTSD or pedo types with teddy bears? This blows D:<

Anyway I told her off because I don't like being accused of pedo faggotry (yes, going to an adult gay resort in a child avatar is very pedo) but wouldn't have been half as bad if she didn't look so ridiculous herself.


  1. Are her hips as wide as a battleship to underline the point she is definitely NOT a child avi?

  2. So that's what Greek lesbian bouncers look like. Scary ô.Ô

  3. Her hips make me think she's a true GIRL. Am I right or not, I find simply silly thinking you look like a child avatar. Oh, sure.

    And I'm a nun in RL.

    (And, anyway, you definitely don't talk as a child, so what's the point.)

  4. Now there's an ass you could show a movie on!

  5. @Alec: You should see her backside :-D

  6. @Ishtara: lmMuleO

    That's a mule as in part-donkey, similar to an ass, not a mule as in pepsi delivery.