Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh ffs

Last night a post I did back in April was rejected (along with a shitton of other posts but this one pisses me off)

You have received this email because the content you posted below has been rejected by our moderators.

Re: B-Cup; natural skin and shape

posted Apr 21, 2010 3:33 AM
They take after their parents in mannerisms and appearance, but as far as ideologies, they tend to be the opposite. My family are really conservative and very much ultra jesus freaks and I turned out a bisexual agnostic liberal with bright red hair dating a jew. This displeases them greatly. But I do look like my family and I say things the same way they do sometimes. My kid is most likely going to be this ultra straight edge white supremacist religious fundie or something I bet.

Why do I get the feeling the person who reported this was offended at "Jew" Why does this persons supposed offense to that term make me want to kick them in the vagina?


  1. Hello Daria,
    Well how to say, I've seen that more and more, people gets more and more intolerant, things can't be said anymore, I don't think they rejected your post because of the "jew" term, but more by the use of "ultra jesus freaks" or "ultra straight edge white supremacist religious fundie"... there are many obvious things in the world but shhhh we can't talk about them (after all... isn't USA the first religious country in the world?)

  2. Either way, I still think people who get offended by mere words should be kicked in the vagina.

    Thats what SL is about anyway...if you can't see it, it does not exist. Why else do you think people in zomg e-love really rather not exchange pictures?

  3. Yup, I agree with Nelly. I bet it was the coupling of, "straight edge white supremacist religious fundie".

    After all, Jesus was a Jew.

    Who knows, maybe one of your parents has become a resmod...?

  4. LOL, you ask any one of my family members and Jesus was not a Jew. Jesus was a good white man with blond hair and blue eyes. He was a Lutheran.

    e________e rents "logic" probably explains a lot about me. I hope my rents aren't resmods. For everyone's sake. Otherwise being teh ghey would be a ToS violation. So would being a j-o-o. And the Islamic Understanding sims would be shut down and the owners would be sued for existing. And Zindra would be shut down. Because sex is eval. Don't have secks. You'll get pregnant and die.

  5. Sheeeet! Are you sure they are not on the board of LL!!!111!!!

  6. "Jesus was a good white man with blond hair and blue eyes."

    Gosh, Jesus was really a German?

  7. I knew Jesus personally and I can assure you..he was a achondroplast..not a midget.and he had one green eye one blue eye he was bald and had a goatee..he sold loose joints in the haight-ashbury ohh wait you mean J. Christ...I thought you was a talkin' bout Jesus Jiminez the dwarf hispanic guy from the haight ashbury....never mind Moxie